Korea–Finland Connection – Developing the co-operation between Korean and Finnish performing art fields

Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) and Dance Info Finland have agreed on developing co-operation between the organisations, under the heading Korea–Finland Connection.

The aim of the co-operation program is to create co-operation projects between Finnish and Korean actors in the performing arts and dance field. The goal and purpose of the program is to develop a performing arts managers network between Korea and Finland in order to encourage collaboration and exchange of contemporary performing arts.

In 2013, KAMS and Dance Info Finland commisioned a comprehensive evaluation of the programma. The evaluation was carried out by Judith Staines and Mary Ann DeVlieg.

A Strong Ripple Effect – an evaluation of the Korea-Finland Connection program 2010-2012 (pdf)

Korea–Finland Connection 2010 and 2011

Korea–Finland Connection’s first stages were taken during summer 2010 as 14 Korean and Finnish dance specialists were chosen to the program. Korea–Finland Connection started as an online forum between the Finnish and Korean participants. It continued with the Finnish participants visit to Seoul, Korea, in October 2010 during the Performing Arts Market Seoul (PAMS).

In May 2011 seven Finnish and seven Korean participants were chosen to participate in the Korea–Finland Connection 2011 (the participants). The Korean participants visited Finland in late August and early September 2011. And in October 2011 a Korea–Finland Connection study visit took place again around and during PAMS.

The methods of implementing the program are based on sharing and exchanging ideas and information. As the art markets have shifted more from pure promotion into networking, Korea–Finland Connection aims at building long-term relationships and projects between Korean and Finnish art organisations and artists.

In addition to Korea–Finland Connection, KAMS has similar programs with UK and USA, Korea–UK Connection and Korea–USA Connection. This enables Korea–Finland Connection to reach even further with other programs: to find new ways of international collaboration and exchange in the changing world, where exchanging information and best practices have become an asset.

Korea–Finland Connection 2012

The Korea–Finland Connection 2012 program supports the development of one high-quality and creative contemporary dance collaboration between artists and companies in Korea and Finland. The project chosen is the collaboration of choreographer and dancer Sari Palmgren and Na Hoon Park. The project is a site-specific project and dance performance titled Lost, missing and forgotten.

The successful project was chosen through a joint assessment of Dance Info Finland and Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS). The chosen project has clear artistic aims, takes place both in Korea and Finland and fulfills the purpose of the co-operation program. Altogether three co-operation projects applied for the funding.

The performance Lost, missing and forgotten will be performed during PAMS in Seoul, on October 11 and 12, 2012, in the Daerim building. The performance is part of the Dancing City program of the SIDance Festival. The performance will be performed in Finland in 2013.

Part of the TAIVEX program

Korea–Finland Connection was also a part of TAIVEX Program in Finland. TAIVEX was a training program for art exchange, which improves the international expertise of cultural intermediates in cultural exportation and business know-how. It was a cooperation project between Finnish art information centres, such as Dance Info Finland, and the cities of Helsinki, Turku and Tampere.

TAIVEX is part of the national Development program for the growth and internationalisation of creative industries, organised by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and funded by the European Social Fund, as well as a part of the Creative Industries Finland project. The project is primarily financed by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) of the Häme region.

More info:

KAMS, www.gokams.or.kr

PAMS, www.pams.or.kr/MA/

TAIVEX, www.taivex.fi

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