Finnish Dance in Focus 2009 - 2010

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Minna Tawast

Heini Keipinen

Eeva Kauppinen, Paula Karlsson, Heini Keipinen, Karoliina Korpilahti, Sara Nyberg, Jaana Parviainen, Raisa Rauhamaa, Jenni Sainio, Minna Tawast

English Translation: Don McCracken

Graphic Design and Layout: Design Puuras

Cover: Mabel or the Queen of Bones, 2009.
Choreographer & dancer Liisa Pentti

Cover Photography: Mia Kivinen



by Minna Tawast

The keðja seminar. Vera Nevanlinna Alpo Aaltokoski. Finland and Japan. Carlson and Saarinen

Susanna Leinonen: Fragmented stories
by Raisa Rauhamaa

Encounters between theatre and dance
by Minna Tawast

        New theatre and movement
        Kristian Smeds: Mental Finland

        by Minna Tawast

        Dance Theatre Minimi: Absolutely from Finland
        by Eeva Kauppinen

        Glims & Gloms dance theatre:
        Many possibilities of stage narration

        by Eeva Kauppinen

        Milja Sarkola: Problem of being a performer
        by Jenni Sainio

Kirsi Monni: Dance education faces many challenges
by Minna Tawast

Dance's new phenomena are connected by an
open structure

by Minna Tawast

        Sari Palmgren's goal is communality
        by Heini Keipinen

        Virva Talonen combines dance and
        everyday movement

        by Karoliina Korpilahti

        Favela Vera Ortiz: Take-away dance works
        from choreographer's appointment

        by Sara Nyberg

        Negative Choreography
        by Jaana Parviainen

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