Art and culture to become part of health care in Finland


Finnish Government’s key project aims to anchor art and culture services as a part of social and health care system.

A three-year pilot project to establish art and culture service as a part of the social and health care systems has been launched in FInland. As part of the project, Finnish Art Promotion Centre is funding art and culture projects, which advance wellbeing and are organized together with social and health care sector, with two million euros.

The idea is to increase the use of art and culture services in social and health care sector – especially in preventive and healing processes.

One Percent Rule to apply to performing arts

Ministry of Education and Culture also hopes to extend the, so called, ”one percent rule” to apply to performing arts. The pilot project aims to find models, which could be integrated as a part of social and health care services. The successful projects could later gain their funding by receiving one percent from the operating costs of social and health care sector.

Until now the ”one percent rule” has mainly applied to visual arts. Approximately one percent of the budget of public building projects has been used on art purchases. This has increased the amenity of built environments.