The structure and funding of the dance sector in Finland

In Finland, there are 13 dance companies that get permanent public funding, and twenty so called independent dance companies, but the big majority of dance professional are freelancers.

The dance sector in Finland

In this picture on the Facts & Figures page, the dance sector is divided into four categories of professional institutions and artists:

1. There are two companies working within a large art institution: The National Ballet is part of the Finnish National Opera, and the Helsinki Dance Company is integrated into the Helsinki City Theatre.

2. There are eleven dance companies or production centers that receive an annual government subsidy under the Theatres and Orchestras Act.

3. Nearly twenty established professional dance companies receive subsidies from the state for running the company and its activities. This subsidy is granted for one year or for three years and can be renewed.

4. The vast majority of dance artist work as freelancers or with different groups and collectives. Their projects are funded by production grants and project subsidies from various sources such as arts promotion centre, regional arts councils and private foundations.

So called big and established companies (the first two categories, they are 13 groups all together) that are funded by the state (plus municipalities), get more than half of all state funding for dance art. The independent dance companies (20) get less than half, and freelance choreographers and their groups, who are more than 80, got only 5 % of  all state funding aimed for dance. (Year 2019 statistics.)