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Here you can get to know dance companies and choreographers based in Finland. For more information please visit the artists’ websites and social media – the links can be found in the contact cards.

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Static moving © Ilkka Aaltonen

Kahrola Hanna

Contemporary Dance|Ethnic & Folk Dance|Ballet

Hanna Kahrola is Tampere based dance artist, performer and educator who in her work seeks embodied humor, touching influence and present expression.

Helsinki Ballet Academy © J.Kirjonen

Kirjonen Juha


Juha Kirjonen makes choreographies for both solo artists and dance groups. Kirjonen also choreographs  new ballet and contemporary dance for international ballet competitions. He is the founder of Helsinki Ballet Academy, which provides classical ballet education.

© Thibault Monnier, photography Mikko Rasila

Monnier Thibault

Contemporary Dance|Ballet

Thibault Monnier is dancer and choreographer, performer and visual artist. His performance vocabulary and body language are inherited from dance traditions and inspired from other art sources, such as photography, fashion design and film.

Departures © Maija Nurmio

Nurmio Maija

Dance Theatre|Community Dance|Contemporary Dance|Ballet

Dance artist Maija Nurmio works in contemporary dance, performance and fine art scene. Nurmio graduated with MA Choreography from Theatre Academy in 2009 with prior studies at Laban. She works in close collaboration with other artists in different artistic assemblies.