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Here you can get to know dance companies and choreographers based in Finland. For more information please visit the artists’ websites and social media – the links can be found in the contact cards.

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© Johanna Vehkanen

Aladin Pauliina

Dance Theatre|Community Dance|Contemporary Dance

Pauliina is a dance artist, dance teacher and social circus director. She enjoys working as a performer, choreographer and art pedagogy. She graduated as dance teacher 2005 and social circus director 2014.

Lonh © Jari Puranen

Alajärvi Erika

Dance Theatre|Contemporary Dance|Ethnic & Folk Dance

As a dancer and choreographer my aim is to create a work inspired by corporal language and music of flamenco and using it without losing the natural character and dramaturgy of the traditional flamenco dance.

© Pette Rissanen

Alakunnas Kimmo

Dance Theatre|Contemporary Dance|Young Audiences

Kimmo Alakunnas is a dancer and choreographer, who graduated from Theatre Academy Helsinki 2010 with a Master of Arts degree. Kimmo has worked as an actor, dancer, choreographer and short film director. His previous works have been dance performances and contemporary dance short films.

© Teemu Silvana

Borghi Beniamino

Contemporary Dance

Beniamino Borghi born in Milan, is a dancer, choreographer and media artist. He has education in Interior Design, trained as professional dancer in Biennale of Venice and has participated in several international dance and physical theatre workshops. He works as a dance teacher and choreographer, he leads video-dance workshops for professionals and amateurs, and also performs by himself as dancer and performing artist.

Hanna B. © Nico Backström

Brotherus Hanna

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Community Dance

Hanna Brotherus is a choreographer, director and dance teacher, who is known from her work with different groups of people. She has made dance pieces for example with old people and asylum seekers. Many of her work has been performed in the Finnish National Theatre.

Stop Daydreaming © Eino Ansio

Bukareva Diina

Contemporary Dance

Diina Bukareva is a choreographer and performer Graduated from Trinity Laban (London, UK) and currently based in Tampere, Finland. She works as a freelancer developing her individual projects and collaborating with various artists.

Harjunpää Leena

Dance Theatre|Contemporary Dance

Leena Harjunpää is a dance artist and choreographer based in Helsinki. In addition to working as a choreographer, she has performed both in dance pieces and plays.

Creatures from the Dark © Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

Hirvanen Maija

Contemporary Dance

Maija Hirvanen’s performances have been presented internationally and in Finland. Hirvanen’s work is based on a symbiosis of choreography, performance and visual art. Hirvanen has participated as an invited artist in number of international artist laboratories.

Ritva Tiikala

Hirvonen Minnamaria Minni

Dance Theatre|Community Dance

Minni Hirvonen is a dance and performance artist, producer and community artist.

One of her characters named Miss Catastroph is part of her life long work on the theme of nature conservation.

Minni also campaigns for accessible art, applied art and culture. Her integrated and inclusive art collective is called Able Art Group.

© Hanna Koikkalainen

Iles Reetta-Kaisa

Dance Theatre|Contemporary Dance|Ethnic & Folk Dance

Choreographer Reetta-Kaisa Iles (MA) is particularly focused in her work in the interaction between dance and music. She is currently working as an artistic director of the Dance Theatre Tsuumi and working as a dancer and a singer in Puhti-duo.

Jotakin kuin Grey Gardens © Aino Kannisto

Jenni Kivelä & Kind People

Dance Theatre|Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Since 2002 this company creates dance performances that combine features from dance and theatre, which moves between the conceptual and the concrete. Jenni Kivelä has a strong and recognisable choreographic style.

Static moving © Ilkka Aaltonen

Kahrola Hanna

Ethnic & Folk Dance|Contemporary Dance|Ballet

Hanna Kahrola is Tampere based dance artist, performer and educator who in her work seeks embodied humor, touching influence and present expression.

PISS © Mika Ailasmäki

Kallio Kati

Dance Theatre|Community Dance|Contemporary Dance

Kati Kallio is a Finnish dance filmmaker and choreographer. Her films have been shown internationally in festivals and on tv. Since 2015 she has worked as artistic director of International Loikka dance film festival.

Helsinki Ballet Academy © J.Kirjonen

Kirjonen Juha


Juha Kirjonen makes choreographies for both solo artists and dance groups. Kirjonen also choreographs  new ballet and contemporary dance for international ballet competitions. He is the founder of Helsinki Ballet Academy, which provides classical ballet education.

Harmonia - Harmony © Rita Denisova

Koistinen Laura (Vesterinen)

Contemporary Dance|Young Audiences|Community Dance

Laura Koistinen (Vesterinen) is working both as a choreographer and dancer. Besides that she organizes workshops for amateurs and professionals for example in Lohja, Turku, Helsinki and also abroad.

Cut and Run © Lennart Laberenz

Koistinen Milla

Contemporary Dance

“Milla Koistinen is a dancer-choreographer working in Berlin and Helsinki. Her works have been played among other locations in HAU Hebbel am Ufer, tanzhaus nrw, Uferstudios, Mad House Helsinki and Jojo.”

On Equilibrium - Remake © Rita Denisova

Koistinen Saku

Contemporary Dance

Saku Koistinen is a dancer/choreographer living in Höynölä. His ambition is to make uncompromising and passionate work, whatever the project and the role is. In his creations he approaches world with a warm and philosophic touch.

© Anton Verho

Korosuo Kati

Contemporary Dance

Kati Korosuo is a dance artist who works both as performer and choreographer in the field of contemporary dance, theatre and performance art. She also keeps herself busy with developing her own artistic practice called Dances to a Beat (DTB).

geishaphoto series © Jean-Claude Néron

Kuosa Wilma-Emilia

Dance Theatre|Community Dance|Contemporary Dance

Jazz dance artist Wilma-Emilia Kuosa is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. In her work Kuosa is updating jazz dance to today with her socially critical multi art concepts. She often collaborates with musicians to create the art work together.

© Pekka Mäkinen

Kuula Sannamaria

Dance Theatre|Community Dance|Contemporary Dance

Sannamaria Kuula is a Kuopio based freelance dance artist with an MA in dance. She works in the field of dance as a choreographer, performer and teacher. Kuula is interested in the essence of movement and moving, as well as the interplay between sensation and movement.

©Patrick Beelaert

Lapitskaya Vera

Contemporary Dance|Young Audiences|Dance Theatre

Works both in Finland and abroad. She uses a multidisciplinary approach combining dance with music, paintings, poetry and other art forms. In 2014 she established NotaBene duet – an artistic group which creates performances for different target groups (

© Jukka Nuutinen

Lehmus Jarkko

Dance Theatre|Contemporary Dance

Jarkko Lehmus has worked as a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, director and actor since 1995 in Finland and internationally.
LehmusWorks deals with physicality, imagination, emotions, empathy and the meeting ground of art and science.

Poroporo 2015 © Jari Haavikko

Milla Virtanen & Company

Dance Theatre|Contemporary Dance

Since 2007 Milla Virtanen has created 10 dance theatre performances, which have been performed more than 80 times in 8 countries around Europe and in South-Korea. She has graduated from Fontys Dansacademie, Holland in 2008, specialising in dance theatre.

© Thibault Monnier, photography Mikko Rasila

Monnier Thibault

Contemporary Dance|Ballet

Thibault Monnier is dancer and choreographer, performer and visual artist. His performance vocabulary and body language are inherited from dance traditions and inspired from other art sources, such as photography, fashion design and film.

Nordic Roots © Niina Airaksinen

NADP – Niina Airaksinen Dance Productions

Contemporary Dance

Niina Airaksinen Dance Productions (NADP) produces international productions combining arts and science. Airaksinen explores new worlds, different cultures and time-periods, and transforms found phenomena into movement on stage, photography and video.

The Horse Show © Ilkka Aaltonen

Nenonen Noora

Dance Theatre|Community Dance|Contemporary Dance

Noora Nenonen works as choreographer, director and perfomer in various contexts from contemporary dance to opera and community art. Her artistic focus within different communities lies on dialogues and narratives where bodies and voices are manifested.

Niina Manninen

Dance Theatre|Young Audiences|Ballet

Niina Manninen works as a dance teacher and choreographer. She is also a chi ld and youth psychiatric nurse and a cultural well-being professional, and trains various workers on supporting children’s psychological well-being through dance and movement.

Departures © Maija Nurmio

Nurmio Maija

Dance Theatre|Community Dance|Contemporary Dance|Ballet

Dance artist Maija Nurmio works in contemporary dance, performance and fine art scene. Nurmio graduated with MA Choreography from Theatre Academy in 2009 with prior studies at Laban. She works in close collaboration with other artists in different artistic assemblies.

HATCHED © Joonas Tikkanen

Nuutinen Johanna

Contemporary Dance

Johanna Nuutinen´s works are built on highly physical contemporary dance and she collaborates with distinguished artists in the fields of visual art and sound in order to create worlds which shake emotions and activate your kinaesthetic empathy.

Paasonen Tomi

Contemporary Dance

PAA – Public Artistic Affairs is Tomi Paasonen’s platform for artistic expression. Through diverse artistic mediums, he aims to confuse the periphery with the centre and embody mainstream alternatively. PAA – Public Artistic Affairs creates performances and installation.

History of a Love ©Tanja Ahola

Pajala-Assefa Hanna

Contemporary Dance

Hanna Pajala-Assefa is an awarded contemporary dance artist, whose work crosses various disciplines of choreography, dance research and dance film. Currently she works with an interdiplinary method of movement, music and cutting edge technology.

© Anna Rouhu

Palmgren Sari

Community Dance|Contemporary Dance|Young Audiences

Sari Palmgren is working as a freelance choreographer, dancer and dance teacher in Finland and abroad. She is working widely in the dance field: with stage works, theatre, different social choreography and community projects and dance films.

© Simon Beyer-Pedersen

Pippingsköld Heli

Dance Theatre|Contemporary Dance

Pippingsköld is a professional dancer and dance artist who works mainly in North Finland and Denmark. The past years she has been working in a collaborations with Satu Tuomisto+Comp, Taikabox, Anu Sistonen, Milla Virtanen and Palle Granhoj (Denmark).

© Anna Salmi

Robinson Elina

Dance Theatre|Ethnic & Folk Dance

Elina Robinson is a flamenco dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. She is working with The Imperfecto Collective which combines traditional dance and modern media, creating a visually impressive urban setting.

Sanna Salama © Terhi Töyry

Terhi Töyry

Salama Sanna / SalamaDance

Contemporary Dance|Show & Street Dance

Sanna Salama works in the professional dance field of South Karelia. Main focus of her movement is based on contemporary dance and streetdance fusions. Salama works currently as a freelancer, dance teacher and choreographer in Lappeenranta.

@ Alan Ruić

Seppälä Heidi

Contemporary Dance

Heidi Seppälä is a dancer, choreographer, researcher and movement educator. A global citizen, her artistic work deals with freedom, “otherness” and altruism. Heidi holds BA’s from TrinityLaban and Viljandi Culture Academy, and an international Master’s in dance science.

© Teemu Ullgrén

Taijonlahti Iina

Dance Theatre|Community Dance|Contemporary Dance

Iina Taijonlahti is a dance artist and teacher from Helsinki, who is working also in Asia and United States. She has mainly worked with dance film, non-dancers and different kind of art collectives.

Soolojen saaristo © Erica Kovanen

Tuittila Satu

Contemporary Dance

Freelance choreographer and dance artist. Interested in improvisation as part of performance, collaboration with other artists particularly musicians and site specific.

Folha Seca © Aino Ojanen

Venäläinen Anna

Contemporary Dance

Choreographer-dancer based in Joensuu, Venäläinen makes project-based co-operation with different artists. She finds it important to explore extreme physicality and think with the body. She is constantly developing her dance technique that is fusion of contemporary dance and capoeira.

L'AUTRE @ Chris Senn

Vera Ortiz Favela

Contemporary Dance

Finnish-Argentinian choreographer Favela Vera Ortiz is based in Helsinki. She works with different working groups both in Finland and abroad. Favela has worked in several artist residencies e.g in Paris, Berlin and Buenos Aires.