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Here you can get to know dance companies and choreographers based in Finland. For more information please visit the artists’ websites and social media – the links can be found in the contact cards.

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Break the Fight - I was here! © Laura Oja

Arja Tiili Dance Company

Contemporary Dance|Show & Street Dance|Young Audiences

Arja Tiili Dance Company produces high quality, fearless, funny, energetic and bizarre stage creations where different dance styles from breakdance to contemporary dance, theater and other art forms are combined in a boisterous mix.

© Johanna Rontu

Fokus Dance Company

Contemporary Dance|Show & Street Dance|Ballet

Focus Dance Company consists of six dance professionals who are passionate about performing arts. Our goal is to bring professional dance to everyone to see. We offer dance from individual performances to full night works.

Nexus Extreme

Contemporary Dance|Show & Street Dance|Ballet

Nexus Extreme is a performing art group specialized in fire and air acrobacy and special dance performances.