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Here you can get to know dance companies and choreographers based in Finland. For more information please visit the artists’ websites and social media – the links can be found in the contact cards.

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Circles (kor. Urmas Poolamets) © Seilo Ristimäki

AB Dance Company

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Aurinkobaletti (AB Dance Company) is known as a constantly evolving, high-quality contemporary dance group, which is not afraid to venture over the limits of its own genre. AB’s repertoire includes productions for both adults and children.

Deep © Pekka Mäkinen

Alpo Aaltokoski Company

Contemporary Dance|Community Dance

Alpo Aaltokoski’s aspiration is to understand human beings and their personal relations, never forgetting the comic side of things. Holistic visual insight is characteristic to Aaltokoski’s artistic work. AAC has toured in nearly 30 countries worldwide.

Break the Fight - I was here! © Laura Oja

Arja Tiili Dance Company

Contemporary Dance|Show & Street Dance|Young Audiences

Arja Tiili Dance Company produces high quality, fearless, funny, energetic and bizarre stage creations where different dance styles from breakdance to contemporary dance, theater and other art forms are combined in a boisterous mix.

Tango Noir © Martin Heslop

As2wrists tanssiryhmä

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre

The company is driven by the desire to explore new horizons in kinesthetic technology and emotional communication. It has pushed the boundaries between the personal and the shared, between the lived experience and audio visual representation in performance and education.

Mr Kookaburra & Kukkaroo © Miia Kota


Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Auraco is a unique and visual dance and mime theatre that produces both stage and site specific works for all audiences. Auraco is one of the most international Finnish dance companies.

Seitsemän © Grisha Olizeg

Ballet Finland

Contemporary Dance|Young Audiences|Ballet

Ballet Finland is a modern ballet company that performs new inspiring pieces based on the classical ballet technique. The company brings classical ballet on stage with a new point of view, refreshing the movement language.

© Yoshi Omori

Carl Knif Company

Contemporary Dance

Dancer and choreographer Carl Knif formed Carl Knif Company in 2012 as a base for new productions as well as repertoire. With pieces such Hologram Walls and Claude glass audiences have learned to know the surrealistic, dreamlike, humoristic qualities of Knif’s works.

KILL Carmen © Janne Mikkilä

Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Internationally awarded Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin open-mindedly renews flamenco by combining flamenco technique to the freedom of contemporary dance creating a seamless wholeness of music and dance.

© Matti Häyrynen

Dance Company Off/Balance

Contemporary Dance

Off/Balance – a contemporary dance company located in Jyväskylä – is the brainchild of two dance-artists and lifelong friends. Thanks to the fresh and versatile repertoire the Off/Balance is now the biggest dance company in Central Finland.

ILTA © Matti Kivekäs

Dance Theater ERI

Dance Theatre

Dance Theatre ERI was founded in 1989 by the well-known Finnish dancer-choreographers Tiina Lindfors, Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini. The group is known for their original and impressive dance performances, both in Finland and abroad.

Talvisirkus Muisti © Joona Pettersson

Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth

Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Hurjaruuth is a dynamic dance theatre company, founded in 1981. The productions combine contemporary dance with e.g. visual arts, circus and music. Hurjaruuth has become familiar with a large audience thanks to its spectacular Winter Circus.

Myrsky-Storm © Harri Hinkka

Dance Theatre MD

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Ranging from dazzling dynamics to warmhearted comedy, Dance Theatre MD has become known from 1997 for its high-class choreography and versatile performers. The broad repertoire features shows from classic fairy tales for children to contemporary dance pieces for adults.

Dance Theatre Minimi

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Dance Theatre Minimi is a multi-disciplinary performing arts community, that produces physical performances challenging genre borders and searching for new ways to push ideas in motion.

Hui Kauhistus © Matti Rajala

Dance Theatre Raatikko

Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Dance Theatre Raatikko makes dance theatre for young audiences. Raatikko´s performances are often interactive and comic, mixing dance and theatre. Raatikko has about 30 000 spectators per year in its own theatre and on tours.

Leiblied © Kari Vainio

Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Ethnic & Folk Dance

Finland’s northernmost professional dance theatre, Rimpparemmi, offers a unique mix of Finnish folk dance and contemporary dance. The group produces dance theatre pieces for all ages and performs on tour regularly.

Panopticon © Pekka Mäkinen

Flow Productions

Contemporary Dance|Young Audiences

Flow Productions is a dynamic multidiciplinary company based in Oulu. The heart and soul of the production company is artist professor Pirjo Yli-Maunula, a contemporary dance choreographer and performer, who is creating both stage and site specific works.

© Miika Karttunen


Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre

Nadja Pärssinen is a choreographer and performer based in Finland. In her project there has been strong focus in music, language and interactions between interdisciplinary art forms. Since. 2018 Pärssinen has been the initiator of FlowWowProductions.

© Johanna Rontu

Fokus Dance Company

Contemporary Dance|Show & Street Dance|Ballet

Focus Dance Company consists of six dance professionals who are passionate about performing arts. Our goal is to bring professional dance to everyone to see. We offer dance from individual performances to full night works.

Omnipotens @ Ilpo Vainionpää

Glims & Gloms Dance Theatre

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Glims & Gloms fascinates its audience with mythical, symbolic and fantastic subjects. Its works are characterised by stylish and inventive visuals, multi-layered themes, and visual harmony. The theatre directs its performances to a wide public – from children to adults.

Divine © Katri Naukkarinen

Go Go Tanssiryhmä Kuumat Putket

Contemporary Dance

Kuumat Putket is a wannabe-go-go-dance group formed by eleven artists, who work with contemporary dance. The group creates performances and happenings that engage in dialogue with various phenomena of popular culture.

© Heikki Tuuli

Gruppen Fyra

Contemporary Dance

Gruppen Fyra is a Finnish contemporary dance group established in 1998. The company’s programme consists of tour performances, commissioned and upcoming works. Their accessible and humorous style with a high standard of movement has been received with great enthusiasm.

Pieniä pääosia © Marko Mäkinen

Helsinki Dance Company

Dance Theatre

Helsinki Dance Company was founded in Helsinki City Theatre in 1973. Half of the group perform only in HDC’s touring repertoire while the other half perform in the City Theatre’s other productions too. The artistic director of the company is Jyrki Karttunen.

Anamorphic Variations © Sakari Viika

Ismo Dance Company

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Community Dance

Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo blends art and dance with new concepts. His agenda touches on body politics and the aesthetics of movement. He explores the spectrum of visual culture. For him, dance is a way to perceive, describe, and be within the world.

Dinosaur © James Medcraft

Janina Rajakangas Projekti

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Community Dance

Janina Rajakangas Project is an always renewing group of artists called to complete each project.

Jotakin kuin Grey Gardens © Aino Kannisto

Jenni Kivelä & Kind People

Dance Theatre|Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Since 2002 this company creates dance performances that combine features from dance and theatre, which moves between the conceptual and the concrete. Jenni Kivelä has a strong and recognisable choreographic style.

Diva Vulva © Lilja Lehmuskallio

K&C Kekäläinen & Company

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre

The mission of K&C is to promote dance as an intellectual art form with political and poetic potential. Artistic director, choreographer-dancer Sanna Kekäläinen’s works combine conceptual thinking with highly original movement language.

La Máscara © Mervi Van Veldhoven

Katja Lundén Company

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre

Katja Lundén Company, a leading Nordic flamenco group, has introduced numerous barrier-breaking dance performances, including Edvard Munch – The Dance Of Life, La Máscara, La vida de Una Elefante, Shadowplay, Machina Flamenco and AfterMachine.

Erno Soralipas

Katve [blind spot]

Contemporary Dance|Young Audiences

KATVE [blind spot] produces fresh and versatile contemporary dance works. Their work is visual, physical and imaginative. The artistic director of the group is Heidi Masalin.

Wolfpack © Aino Huovio

Kinetic Orchestra

Contemporary Dance

Kinetic Orchestra is a Helsinki based contemporary dance company established in 2009. The artistic director of the company is dancer/choreographer Jarkko Mandelin. Kinetic Orchestra’s pieces combine breathtaking physicality with various dance styles.

Fanni Tutek Hajnal

Klever Dance

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Ballet

Klever Dance is a new Finnish production based dance company, featuring the work of award winning choreographer Kristian Lever.

©Jetro Stavén

Lappeenranta Dance Theater

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre

Lappeenranta Dance Theater includes a group of professional artists in dance, theater and music. Lappeenranta Dance theater was founded in January 2017. There was no professional dance theater activity in South Karelia before this. Also it started from passion.

The Space. Kuva: Kansallisgalleria / Pirje Mykkänen

Liisa Pentti +Co

Contemporary Dance|Community Dance

A Helsinki-based dance company with a distinctive, uncompromising artistic style. Artistic profile of the group, formed in 2000, is situated in the landscape of dance, performing arts and contemporary theatre, and its work is characterized by experimentation.

Acts of Clothing @ Pekka Mäkinen

Live Umbrella

Contemporary Dance

Live Umbrella manages the artistic work of choreographer and curator Johanna Tuukkanen. Embracing the collaborative and multidisciplinary, Live Umbrella produces works for stages, galleries and various sites within live, performing and contemporary arts.

LOCATION X / Taneli Törmä

Contemporary Dance

The LOCATION X, created by Taneli Törmä in 2011, produces international contemporary dance, dance film and multidisciplinary collaboration works for stage and site-specific locations. Every new and old location is a source of inspiration.

BabySauna © Dorit Salutskij

Loiske Ensemble

Dance Theatre|Community Dance|Young Audiences

Loiske Ensemble creates dance productions for small children. Loiske Ensemble was established in 2006 from the need to give the under 3-year-old viewers experiences through the art of dance.

Hiljaisuus © Eetu Sillanpää

Malviniemi Company

Contemporary Dance

Malviniemi Company is contemporary dance company and it was founded at 2011. Companys artistic director is dance artist Mia Malviniemi. Company’s repertuar consist of stage works, site specifc works and improvisation performances.

© Pekka Kuismanen da Silva

Mamia Company

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre

Mamia Company´s performances communicate through contemporary topics, human condition and society. Company works with a wide array of genres in the field of performing arts with no barriers. Languages: english, swedish and finnish.

© Patrik Rastenberger, Roberto Pugliese ja Mikko Kallinen

Mikko Kallinen & The Company

Contemporary Dance|Young Audiences

Mikko Kallinen & The Company is a production company of artists from various disciplines. New creations are mainly audiovisual choreographic works such as video dance films, animation and interactive works.

BODY NOTES © Kai Kuusisto

MimoArt Company

Contemporary Dance

MimoArt Company produces the artistic and pedagogical work of Mimosa Lindahl and Arto-Oskar Reunanen. Physicality and visuality are the core elements in the works that combine traditions not only from dance but also from theatre and circus.

Nexus Extreme

Contemporary Dance|Show & Street Dance|Ballet

Nexus Extreme is a performing art group specialized in fire and air acrobacy and special dance performances.

Anthem © Mika Haaranen


Contemporary Dance

Nom Kollektiv is a Helsinki-based contemporary dance company. It was founded in 2008 by dancer-choreographer Jaakko Nieminen. The company makes cooperation with different artists in diverse projects such as group pieces and solos, installations and films.

The Stop – Dark Matter of Art © Pasi Orrensalo

Petri Kekoni Company

Contemporary Dance

Choreographer Petri Kekoni’s works are like sculptures moving through time and space. The underlying principle of contemporary dance for him is the positioning and alignment of dancer in space. Helsinki based company celebrates 10 year anniversary in 2017.

Havaintoja Maasta © Esa Kyyrö

Pori Dance Company

Contemporary Dance|Community Dance|Young Audiences

Among the closest values to our hearts is to advance tolerance and humane values through dance – and its various forms, endless possibilities and deep roots.

Raisa Punkki © Pak Han


Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre

punkkiCo Dance Company seeks to create artistically rewarding and inspiring performances through collaboration with artists from different disciplines in order to transform emotion into motion.

Raekallio Corp.

Contemporary Dance

Raekallio Corp. is an independent dance company presenting the work of choreographer Valtteri Raekallio. The company produces unique multidisciplinary, immersive site-specific works, stage works for international touring and dance films.

VillerValla © Tatu Kantomaa

Rasa Collective

Contemporary Dance|Community Dance|Young Audiences

Rasa Collective produces high-quality dance works especially in North-Finland and the whole Barents Region. The works are  high artistic quality, ambitious and original.

POST (C) Ia Samoil

Routa Company

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Community Dance

ROUTA (lit. permafrost) is a Kajaani-based independent company for contemporary dance. The aim of the company is to produce high-quality, unique dance performances which are rooted in the ground of the Kainuu.

Rule of Capture 2 Fallen © Jefunne Gimpel

Saine Ensemble

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Community Dance

Produces 2-4 creations and concepts per year in collaboration with artists from different art genres. Works are multidisciplinary including dance, music, visual arts and dance films. Artistic Director is Annatuuli Saine.

Love for the tree © Kirsi MacKenzie

Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna Company (SKSCOMPANY)

Dance Theatre|Young Audiences|Ethnic & Folk Dance

SKS Company provides freshly innovative art with strong visual performance: combining interaction, dance&visual arts, with deep connection to nature&world culture. It brings solos and group choreographies to everyday situations, as well as, to big stages.

Photo © Juuso Westerlund

Satu Tuomisto +Comp

Contemporary Dance

Satu Tuomisto is a contemporary dance choreographer, graduated in London in 2000. Tuomisto received a five-year-Artist Grant from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland in 2014.

Vieraskirja © Anna Fioretti

Sivuun Ensemble

Dance Theatre|Community Dance

Sivuun Ensemble is a multidisciplinary collective. Ensemble’s performances are intensive conversations between different art forms, opening seminal interpretations to current issues, significant for individuals and communities alike.

SEE | OBEY © Heikki Tuuli

Susanna Leinonen Company

Contemporary Dance

Susanna Leinonen Company’s works have been seen in over 20 countries. The captivating movement language of the choreographer Susanna combined with eye-pleasing visuals and distinctive soundscape make the Company’s works overall experiences.

Beyond the Body © Michal Iwanowski


Contemporary Dance|Community Dance|Young Audiences

TaikaBox, created by choreographer/dancer Tanja Råman and digital artist/designer John Collingswood, is a non-profit dance and digital art organisation registered in Wales and in Finland. TaikaBox creates new ways for people to experience dance.

Kahdeksasta neljään (c) Philippe Luickx

Tanssiteatteri Liikeri

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Young Audiences

Dance Theatre Liikeri is a contemporary dance company from Tampere, Finland. We want to share dance experiences filled with movement and playfullness. We produce 1-2 new productions each year and perform also outside of traditional theatre spaces.

Morphed © Mikki Kunttu

Tero Saarinen Company

Contemporary Dance|Community Dance|Ballet

Tero Saarinen’s works have captivated audiences and critics in nearly 40 countries, including at Place des Arts (Montreal), BAM & The Joyce (New York), Chaillot & Châtelet (Paris), Southbank Centre (London), Movimentos Festival (Germany), New Zealand International Arts Festival, Saitama Arts Theatre (Tokyo) and SIDance (Seoul).

© Harri Tahvanainen

The Tempest Group

Contemporary Dance|Community Dance

The Tempest Group, founded by dancer Elli Isokoski and choreographer Pauliina Laukkanen. The group’s work is based on the urge to take dance among people, in places where dance performances are not necessarily a familiar sight.

Kake - Tiellä tähtiin © Mikko Mäntyniemi

Tsuumi Dance Theatre

Contemporary Dance|Dance Theatre|Ethnic & Folk Dance

Tsuumi Dance Theatre in Helsinki, draws strength from archaic rootstock and gets inspiration from the surrounding world. It creates diverse performing arts focusing on the synthesis of movement and rhythm.

Trinomia © Vili Vornanen


Contemporary Dance|Ethnic & Folk Dance

VäkeväCollective is an art platform for dancers, musicians and stage designers, sharing a common interest in the possibilities of Finnish folklore. Tradition is approached with contemporary stage expressions and new concepts.


Contemporary Dance

FREEcollective is a unique collective of independent contemporary dance artist working both locally and internationally. The collective creates diverse works by inviting artists from different art fields into collaboration. FREEcollective is based in Tampere.

Old people, odd people. Kuva: Stanislav Belyaevsky

Willman Dance Company

Contemporary Dance

Willman Dance Company creates contemporary dance pieces in which the central focus is on the movement. Around the movement of dance the personality of each dancer, power of the music, individuality of the costume design and the atmosphere of the lighting shape each piece.