Moving in November 2019 opens up different ways of being in the world


Every year, the festival introduces interesting, topical and edgy dance works in its program. This year Moving in November festival takes place in Helsinki 2.–10.11.

Théo Mercier and Steven Michel: Affordable Solution for Better Living © Erwan Fichou

2019’s edition of Moving in November presents Affordable Solution for Better Living by Theo Mercier and Steven Michel, A lot of moving parts by Eleanor Bauer and Cosmic Love by Clara Furey, as well as the festival’s coproductions, Over Your Fucking Body by Janina Rajakangas and Neil Callaghan, PAST PERFECT by Mart Kangro and CUTLASS SPRING by Dana Michel.

“The artists and works of the 2019 Moving in November festival offer a strong and vital sample of the international dance of our time. The art form appears as an essential part of contemporary performing arts and its pursuit to create new thinking and aesthetics. Some of the works have toured around the world during the past two years and achieved significant attention and recognition. Other works and concepts are brand new, and I’m looking forward to their way of being and encountering the audience with great eagerness and curiosity,” states the curator of the festival, Mikael Aaltonen.

Moving in November is the most significant contemporary dance festival in the Helsinki area. Every year, the festival introduces interesting, topical and edgy dance works in its program. Through its diverse and current programming, the festival broadens the scene of performances and makes space for artistic diversity. Moving in November also co-produces new Finnish dance and makes it visible in the international scene.

In August 2019 the board of Dance Arena appointed Kerstin Schroth as the new artistic director of Moving in November festival for a 3-year fixed-term position. Schroth will curate the festival programme of 2020–2022. Read more