Blondes Selected for Aerowaves 2021


Aerowaves network makes connections between European dance artists, programmers and audiences who would otherwise never have found each other.

Joonas Lampi and Laura Pietiläinen © Katri Naukkarinen

Joonas Lampi and Laura Pietiläinen © Katri Naukkarinen

Aerowaves has partners in 33 countries across Europe. Each year, they vote for the next group of twenty artists that represent the most exciting dance makers in Europe.

Laura – The Light of All (Laura Pietiläinen) and her choreography Blondes is amongst the selected for the year 2021.

The selected choreographers and their works will be promoted by Aerowaves. They get an opportunity to perform in different countries and face new, international audiences. Some of the pieces are selected to perform at Spring Forward Festival, which will hopefully take place in Greece in May 2021.

Blondes, which had its premier in Zodiak, Helsinki in 2018, is a performance inspired of the internal bimbo, of everything that’s weird and silly. The bimbos can be children of nature, innocent or mean, they can be unpredictable or irrational.

The choreography is a reworked version of Paula Tuovinen’s solo piece Blonde (2000), now performed by Laura – The Light of All and Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes. Read more about Laura Pietiläinen’s work in our article ›

Blondes is co-produced by Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Laura Pietiläinen and Paula Tuovinen.