Carl Knif’s co-production with Helsinki Dance Company premieres in March


Knif’s new stage piece Fugue in two colors is set to premiere on March 19th 2020 in Helsinki City Theatre’s venue Studio Pasila. Fugue in two colors is a study of the eternal relation between dance and music.

Carl Knif Company & Helsinki Dance Company: Fugue in two colors ©Yoshi Omori

The co-production with Helsinki City Theatre’s dance group Helsinki Dance Company is a non-verbal contemporary dance piece for seven dancers: Jon­na Aal­to­nen, Jyr­ki Kas­per, Pek­ka Lou­hio, Hei­di Naak­ka, Mik­ko Pa­lo­nie­mi, Ter­hi Vai­ma­la and Ee­ro Ves­te­ri­nen. The rich, rambling, expressive dance is based on an improvisatory method Carl Knif has invented and in this piece it meets the very exact form of Dmitri Shostakovich‘s preludes and fugues.

Carl Knif Company was established in 2012. Knif’s solo work RED (2014) has been widely noticed on several stages in Europe. Knif was chosen among the Aerowaves’ Twenty Artists 2015. At the Edinburgh Fringe festival 2016 RED was put up as a candidate for the Total Theatre Award. His interpretation of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis (2016) was praised by critics and audiences.

Antti Lahti is the new director of the Helsinki Dance Company

In December 2019 dancer, choreographer Antti Lahti was named as the new director of Helsinki Dance Company. Lahti has leadership experience from Dance Theatre Minimi and Time of Dance Festival. He’s in charge for the artistic quality and development of the company in the years 2020-2022.

Helsinki Dance Company (founded in 1973) is the only dance company in Finland operating within a larger theatre institution. The artistic directors of the group have been Jorma Uotinen (1987-90), Carolyn Carlson (1991-92), Marjo Kuusela (1992-96), Kenneth Kvarnström (1996-99), Ari Tenhula (2000-02) and Nigel Charnock (2003- 05), Ville Sormunen (2006-09), Kenneth Kvarnström (2010-13) and Jyrki Karttunen (2013-17).