Dance films, videos, a podcast and a magazine – explore Finnish dance online!

Anni Leino, 7.5.2020

Take a break and enjoy some dance online! We collected a list of dance films and videos, some of them brand new and some old favorites, for you to enjoy wherever you are.

Kuva Target Helsingin videosta

Dancer Krista Julia Arppo on Target Helsinki’s dance film What Moves Us

Social media dance project Target Helsinki together with 21 Finnish dance artists celebrated the international dance day with a dance video manifest What moves us > Target Helsinki (initiated by dance artists Natasha Lommi and Elina Häyrynen) is a dance project taking place on different social media channels throughout the year 2020. Follow the project on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube.

Award winning short dance film Body Language Zone by director Kim Saarinen and choreographer Johanna Keinänen helps you to cope with the heaviest home office days. In four episodes a consultant gives expert advice on body language for the office environment.

Choreographer Hanna Brotherus worked with a group of men from different backgrounds between the ages of 12 and 85. MEN is a dance film about the power and intimacy of touch. The film premiered in Helsinki on 3 of March 2020 – just before the period of social distancing.

Finnish dance collective Myrskyryhmä established in 2002 has worked closely with elderly people and dance films. Connection, touch and listening are in the main role in Myrskyryhmä’s beautiful dance films. Read more > More films by Myrskyryhmä HERE.

A Whisper in the Order of Things – A film created by filmmaker Eloïse Mavronicholas and Finnish choreographer Wilhelmina Ojanen as part of a collaboration between the Sadler’s Wells Young Associates programme and London Contemporary Dance School’s MA in Screendance.

Award winning short dance film ME – Story of a Performance by Jopsu Ramu, Timo Ramu and choreographer-dancer Johanna Nuutinen. The short film had its premiere at Pompidou center in Paris at A Shade View on Fashion Film Festival in 2013.

A great selection of dancer and filmmaker Kati Kallio’s dance films are available on Vimeo. If you have time for only one: Check out Kallio’s and Mika Ailasmäki’s hilarious one minute dance film PISS (2013).

Jarkko Mandelin (Kinetic Orchestra) and dancer Aliashka Hilsum are starring in Jon Hopkins’ music video Singularity. Choreography by Hofesh Shechter.

Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark celebrated the international dance day by publishing a collection of dance films from Finnish artists working across Europe.

“…For me despite worrying about the lost working opportunities, I’ve also enjoyed the freedom of not having any set schedules. It has given me a possibility to follow my own interests more freely”, writes artistic director of Kuopio Dance Festival Riku Lehtopolku on the festival’s blog. Watch Lehtopolku’s dance video here.

Regional Dance Center of Eastern Finland published a dance film Peruutus – Cancellation on the international dance day with local dance artists: Maija Tuomi, Karoliina Papinoja, Hilde I Sandvold, Jukka Ristolainen, Artur Erjala, Taneli Törmä, Kira Heinonen, Teo Mattila, Ira Vuolle, Ella Effendy, Ida Teeri, Ronja Syvälahti, Eevi Tolvanen, Arvo Jean-Michael Saarinen ja Wilma Mustonen. Sound design: Ilmari Tiitinen.

Finnish National Ballet and Opera offer a variety of shows to enjoy online. Don’t miss this: Finnish National Opera’s ballet dancers made a dance video of social distancing.

Listen to the podcast “Art, Brain and Life” with the Finnish neuroscientist and dancer Dr. Hanna Poikonen and visual artist Aleix Gordo Hostau. Read more about Poikonen and her research: What happens in the brains of the audience while watching a dance performance?

More artists, phenomena, and ideas on the Finnish dance scene: Read Finnish Dance in Focus magazine online.