Dance goes on rails and squares, and interrails from Finland to Slovenia

Sanna Kangasluoma, 6.4.2023

This summer, collective pop-up dance choreographies will suddenly emerge in public spaces, places of passage, railway stations, city squares and streets, and public transports. Rail2Dance artists start their journey in Tampere, Finland by the end of May.

Rail2Dance. Photo: Drago Videmsek

Six dance artists from different countries travel for 40 days across Europe from Tampere, Finland, to Ljubljana, Slovenia, performing public space performances along the way. The trip is like an art laboratory, where the relationship with different spaces and audiences is explored through performances.

With dance interventions in public space, Rail2Dance artists will reflect everyday practices in public spaces, and also remind us of our longing for community. In the hectic rhythm of life in cities, too often we just pass each other.

With collective pop-up dance choreographies that suddenly emerge in public places, we can connect, at least for a moment – even if it’s just a moment of holding hands together, singing at the train station or lying down in the main square.

Rail2Dance artists connect Finland and Sweden to Germany and Slovenia traveling sustainably by train and performing in eight cities:

Finland: Tampere 25.5.–30.5. (at the same time with Tampere Dance Current Festival)
Finland: Vaasa 2.6.
Sweden: Umeå 4.–10.6.
Sweden: Malmö 12.6.
Germany: Chemnitz (TanzModerneTanz Festival) 16.–20.6.
Germany: Nürnberg 23.6.
Slovenia: Maribor 25.6.
Slovenia: Ljubljana 28.6.–2.7.

The Finnish partner of the tour, Dance Theatre MD, has also experience in organizing workshops for everyone, called Contemporary Dance in the City. To participate you don’t need to have any knowledge of dance, just an open mind, interest in moving in outdoor and urban spaces – as well as suitable clothing for the weather conditions in Finland !

The international project Rail2Dance includes theatre partners from Germany Die Theater Chemnitz, Slovenia PTL – Plesni Teater Ljubljana / Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Sweden Norrlandsoperan and Finland Tanssiteatteri MD.