Dance Info and CircusInfo joined forces to create more sustainable working conditions to Finnish performing art field


Dance Info Finland and CircusInfo Finland have launched a two-year development project, which aims, among others, to meet the challenges of internationalization and develop new production models to Finnish performing art field.

Producers Nea Granlund, Sanja Kulomaa and Anni Hiekkala

The project develops production, management and agency services for circus and dance artists and groups. The aim is to create an independent collective with multidisciplinary professional skills and networks both domestically and internationally and with sustainable operating conditions.

Based on surveys and past experiences in Finnish performing art field and international models, the project aims to create better services for artists and groups and more sustainable working conditions for producers. During the project, the needs of the field will be mapped and a functional operating model will be created accordingly. Services available include: international and domestic sales, marketing and communication, and various advisory and production services.

Three producers started their work in April 2019. Nea Granlund, Sanja Kulomaa and Anni Hiekkala were selected for the project from 41 applicants. They are experienced professionals in the field of art with different professional strengths – such as production, marketing, communication and international activities. The business model and the service concept are being developed together with Finnish commercial story agency Storybound Oy. 5-8 circus and dance artists / groups will join the project during the summer and early autumn.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.

More information: Project manager Riitta Aittokallio,