Eetu Huhtala’s Another won the light art work competition at Tanssin talo’s Event Square


Finnish artists and artists permanently living in Finland were invited to take part in the competition to create a permanent light artwork at Tanssin talo’s foyer Event Square. Eetu Huhtala’s interactive, timeless and modifiable proposal “Another” was chosen as the winner of the competition.

Eetu Huhtalan teosluonnos "Toinen"

Eetu Huhtala’s Another 

Altogether 25 high-quality proposals were submitted for the competition. The winner Eetu Huhtala describes his interactive work Another as follows:

“The work conforms to the bare architecture of the Event Square and does not seek to change the nature of the space in any significant way. Instead, the aim is to quietly activate the space and bring bodily expression that is so characteristic of dance into the space. Watching dance is an audiovisual experience, but what makes it special is its inherent element of bodily experience. We look at someone else’s body and despite its differences it is fundamentally similar to our own.”

The jury described the work Another as a timeless and transformable work of art, and its soft movement creates a sensitive and memorable light in the Event Square. The idea of the work is beguilingly simple giving priority to light and its interaction with the people in the space. The installation shows how art can be found in our simple everyday life. It can be compared to dance and its instrument of human body, which is transformed into art by the power of movement.

75,000 EUR have been set aside for the implementation of the work.

Eetu Huhtala will be awarded the main prize of the competition, 5,500 EUR. Kasper Muttonen’s proposal Heavenly Dance – Blue Moment was placed second in the competition and will be awarded a prize of 3,000 EUR. The third prize, 1,500 EUR, was awarded to Tuomas Honkanen’s and Ilmari Pesonen’s work Surface.

The competition was organized by Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo, Tanssin talo and Finnish Light Art Society FLASH.

The prize committee consisted of Kai Huotari, managing director of Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo, Niki Matheson, director of Tanssin talo, architects Teemu Kurkela (JKMM Arkkitehdit Oy) and Pia Ilonen (ILO ARKKITEHDIT Oy). Artists Jukka Hautamäki and Tarja Ervasti were members appointed by the Finnish Artists’ Association. Ilkka Paloniemi was a member appointed by the Finnish Light Art Society FLASH. The secretary of the prize committee was Juha Rouhikoski from Finnish Light Art Society FLASH.

The rules of the The Artists’ Association of Finland were followed in the competition.