Finnish 3D VR 360º dance film in Cannes – Devil’s Lungs celebrates the mystical power of accordion and women


Devil’s Lungs, directed by New York based artist Alla Kovgan and produced by Hanna Pajala-Assefa / Loikka Kontakti, will be seen as a part of Cannes Film Festival’s NEXT VR programme in May 2018. The film was premiered in Loikka Dance Film Festival’s VR program in Helsinki in April 2018.

©Devil's Lungs

©Devil’s Lungs

Cannes Film Festival 8th-19th of May 2018

The choreography of 360º dance film Devil’s Lungs is made by Finnish choreographer Reetta-Kaisa Iles in collaboration with Dance Theater Tsuumi.

“When I first saw choreographer/dancer/musician Reetta-Kaisa Illes and accordion virtuoso Anna-Mari Kivimäki, founders of the world music band Puhti, performing six years ago, I was immediately struck by their unique presence, their incredible ability to fuse different music traditions, virtuosic improvisational skills, and most importantly, the power they exert on stage through taking on both female and male roles. Through their music and their performance, they link the past and the present, filling the mysterious spaces in between”, Alla Kovgan describes the starting point of the film.

As a result Devil’s Lungs was made, a total 3D VR 360º experience, celebrating the mystical power of Finnish accordion & of women through music and dance.

Meet the Finns! Devil’s Lungs’ producer Hanna Pajala-Assefa and choreographer Reetta-Kaisa Iles are present at Cannes Film Festival.