Finnish Dance on tour February–May 2019


In the spring 2019 you can get to know contemporary dance from Finland in central Europe and Italy – as well as in Houston, Texas USA, and in Perth, Australia.


Sonja Jokiniemi: Blab
Austria, Wien: February 1–2 Tanzquartier Wien ›

Sonja Jokiniemi: BLAB © Simo Karisalo

Marc Philipp Gabriel & Maija Karhunen: Ajima
Germany, Berlin: February 1–2 Sophiensaele / Festsaal ›

Marc Philipp Gabriel: Ajima (feat. Maija Karhunen) © David Wohlschlag

Johanna Nuutinen: X-it
Australia, Perth: February 8–March 2 West Australian Ballet ›

Alpo Aaltokoski: Brothers
Italy, Rome: February 17 Dance festival Equilibrio, Parco della Musica ›

Alpo Aaltokoski Company: Brothers © Tanja Ahola


Tero Saarinen Company: Morphed
France, Draguignan: April 4 Festival l’impruDanse, Théâtres en Dracénie ›

Tero Saarinen Company: Morphed © Mikki Kunttu

Sonya Lindfors: Cosmic Latte
Belgium, Brussels: April 5–6 Brussels Dance Festival › @ Beursschouwburg ›

Sonya Lindfors: Cosmic Latte © Ernest Protasiewicz

Susanna Leinonen Company: Shame/less – A curated 30-min version of Nasty ›
USA, Houston, Texas: April 18–20 Dance Salad Festival @ Wortham Center, Cullen Theater ›

Susanna Leinonen Company: Nasty © Mirka Kleemola

Sonja Jokiniemi: Blab
Belgium, Leuven: April 25 @ STUK ›


Tero Saarinen Company: Third Practice (world premiere)
Italy, Cremona: May 29 @ Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli, Rassegna di Danza, Monteverdi Festival ›

Tero Saarinen Company: Third practice. © Tanja Ahola