How can digital tools enrich artistic work? – Digital Leap cookbooks are here!


The Digital Leap project has been exploring the digital dimensions of performing arts in an international learning programme. Together the participants – circus and dance professionals – have delved into topics such as social media, XR, internet phenomena, and how it all could be utilized for performing arts practices.

© Dainius Putinas

Digital Leap has brought the participants together in four learning modules to learn how to better navigate in digital environments and discuss with experts from other fields. The ideas and know-how emerged in the learning modules are now shared with the international performing arts community and everyone curious about the topic in the form of online learning resources – cookbooks!

The Digital Leap cookbooks are digital handbooks that give food for thought and provide ingredients with which to develop your skills with digital platforms. The cookbooks cover the same topics as the four learning modules and the knowhow can be applied for all fields of performing arts. These online guidebooks are a good starting point to help you further on your digitalization journey. The materials contain interviews with experts, take-aways from the learning modules, practical tips and tools, and suggestions for further reading.

There are altogether three online cookbooks published on the project website, that cover the topics Promoting, Digital Productions and Audience Engagement. The fourth and final cookbook about digital dissemination will be published very soon – follow Digital Leap on social media to be the first one to know when it’s out there!

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