Ice Hot Helsinki 2022 strives for a soft footprint and a strong handprint


The next Ice Hot Nordic Dance platform takes place February 9–13, 2022 in Helsinki with Dance Info Finland as the main organizer. The platform is organized with sustainability as a guiding framework.

Key dates

April 19, 2021 Deadline for applications

Autumn 2021 Release of the programme & registration for presenters opens

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Ice Hot Nordic Dance aims to be a forerunner in sustainable dance promotion, working towards a stronger, more sustainable dance ecosystem. Helsinki 2022 will be organized as a sustainable dance platform.

Along with ecological aspects, sustainability is considered to have social and cultural dimensions. Ice Hot platforms are events that present Nordic dance and choreography for the international dance community. The platforms serve also to promote the development of Nordic dance and choreography, to facilitate networking opportunities and increase professional capacities of Nordic dance artists. For us this means strengthening Nordic connections, networks and possibilities for touring and collaborating across the region, which supports a sustainable ecosystem for dance.

We have worked together with sustainability experts in refining our environmental aims. We strive to minimize the carbon footprint of the event while maximizing the impact of the platform on the selected artists and on the Nordic ecosystem for dance.

Ice Hot Nordic Dance aims to set off long-term perspectives and positive ripple-effects, giving artistic works a longer lifespan. This is done by recognizing the life cycles and value chains of artistic work and careers, offering artists different kinds of work opportunities, locally and internationally.

In practice, we aim for making sustainable productional choices and thereby minimizing the carbon footprint and waste of the platform. We also aim for offering the selected artists both ecological travel options to Helsinki and the possibility to stay for the whole platform time.

In order to increase access to the programme without travelling and to minimize the material production, we are developing the digital communication and online accessibility of the platform event.

Open Call

The call for applications to the artistic programme is open. Artists living and working in or receiving funding from the Nordic countries can apply. The jury welcomes applications to two categories:

  • Performance
  • More More More presentation

Deadline for applications is April 19, 2021. More information is found on Ice Hot Nordic Dance website.

Ice What? webinar, held March 24, 2021 provided information, introductions and contact between artists, the organizers and the curators. The recording of the webinar is now available on Youtube.

Ice Hot Nordic Dance is a collaboration network of partner organizations in five Nordic countries: Dance Info Finland, Dansehallerne (Denmark), Dansens Hus Oslo (Norway), Dansens Hus Stockholm (Sweden) and Ice Hot Reykjavik (Iceland).

Ice Hot Helsinki 2022 platform is organized by Dance Info Finland. The presenters and artists are welcomed to the newly opened Dance House Helsinki, our main collaborator in this event.