Ice Hot Helsinki 2022 was a success


The Nordic Contemporary Dance Platform, organised this time by Dance Info Finland in June–July, succeeded in bringing together more than 450 artists, curators, producers, and programmers to Helsinki.

© Jeremy Bengts

There was a sense of joy and optimism as, after a pandemic and restrictions, the international dance community finally met in Helsinki. The sixth edition of the Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform, was held this time exceptionally in the summer heat, from 29 June to 3 July.

I think Ice Hot has become the best Dance Platform in the world. Not only could I meet many Nordic artists, I especially felt the dynamics of the ecosystem and the strength of the system in Finland and in this area. – Feedback from an international guest

Hundreds of guests from all over the world

On eight different stages Ice Hot presented:

  • 38 Nordic groups and choreographers
  • 21 performances
  • 17 More More More pitch presentations

This brought almost 200 artists and groups from all the Nordic countries, including Finland, to the city.

The event attracted nearly 300 guests to Helsinki, the majority of whom were presenters responsible for the selection of performances for festivals and theatres – half of them came from Europe and other continents, and half from the Nordic countries, including Finland.

In addition, more than 100 staff and volunteers were needed to run the event.

“Thanks a lot for a great week, we’re very happy with the performance and also a huge THANKS to the wonderful staff, everything went so smoothly and everybody were so nice!” praises a Nordic dance group in their feedback.

The next Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform will take place in Oslo, February 14–18, 2024.

Seminar recordings and podcasts are still available for everyone to follow

Ice Hot’s extensive seminar programme, with the central theme of promoting sustainability in the sector, is available for all to watch on YouTube.
On Spotify, you can listen to UA Talks X Ice Hot discussions on dance and ecocrisis, inclusivity, diversity, power and responsibility.

Watch the online programme here›

Ice Hot Helsinki was organised by Dance Info Finland. The event was produced by a network of Nordic partners, including Dansens Hus Stockholm, Dansens Hus Oslo, Dansehallerne Copenhagen and Ice Hot Reykjavik. The Dance House was the main partner and venue for the event.