Kuopio Dance Festival appoints new executive director


Salima Peippo who is mainly known from the circus field, will lead the largest and oldest dance festival in Scandinavia.

The board of Kuopio Dance Festival has elected Salima Peippo as the new executive director. The change of personnel will take place in September 2022.

“We were looking for an executive director who would meet the quite demanding criteria set by the board. The most important was the experience in organizing large events and especially in building private financing and business cooperation in the field of culture. It’s good to remember that we weren’t looking for a dance professional, as we have sovereign dance skills both in the artistic director and in the office anyway. As a board, we are excited about this choice, as we believe that Salima can take Kuopio Dance Festival to a whole new level”, commented Mika Sutinen, Chair of Kuopio Dance Festival.

Salima Peippo

Salima Peippo is a multifunctional cultural producer and entrepreneur who has a long international career. In addition to her own career as an artist, she has played a key role in organizing and producing several international and Finnish cultural events in the fields of circus, dance and theater. She has run her own performing arts studio in Spain. She has also played a key role in the board of the International Pole Sports Federation and in the development of pole sports worldwide, as well as in organizing the annual Pole Sports World Championships. She has a strong vision on strengthening the economic side of cultural events. She graduated from the Moscow State Circus School as a circus artist, from the Turku University of Applied Sciences as a circus art director, and as a cultural producer from the Humak University of Applied Sciences.

“I have great respect and appreciation for the Kuopio Dance Festival and its traditions. The event is one of Kuopio’s flagships and an absolute crown jewel. I feel great pride and gratitude for being able to develop and pilot the event with the organization’s knowledgeable team. Event production is also developing and I see it important that Kuopio Dances Festival stays up to date and will continue to be one of the trendsetters. A pioneer we can be proud of at both local and national level,” Peippo comments.

“Salima has a long experience in the field of performing arts and has worked in many different roles in art and event production. Salima conveys courage and determination for new openings, and I look forward the collaboration, ”says Riku Lehtopolku, the festival’s artistic director.

The Executive Director is responsible for the activities of the association and is the director of the festival. Riku Lehtopolku will continue as the artistic director of the festival and Sirpa Miettinen as the producer.

Kuopio Dance Festival is the largest and oldest dance festival in Scandinavia.
The festival has been held since 1970.
This summer’s festival is the 53rd in a row.
The summer 2022 festival will be celebrated from June 15 to June 21, 2022.