Loikka Dance Film Festival closes down after ten years


In October 2019, the only dance film festival in Finland Loikka, and the Loikka Kontakt, the organization behind it announced that it's quitting. The main reason leading to the hard decision were the funding cuts to Loikka’s versatile and quite established work for dance film.

Dance artist and filmmaker Hanna Pajala-Assefa discovered Loikka Dance Film Festival in 2008 through her own growing interest towards combining moving image and dance. At that time in Finland dance film as an art form wasn’t really recognized and there weren’t too many films available. Year by year Loikka Kontakt (known before as MAD Tanssimaisterit ry) developed its actions for dance film doing multiple audience development projects and international collaboration. The audience praised the 10th Loikka Dance Film Festival in 2018 particularly for the exceptional VR dance film program.

In 2019 it is clear that Loikka’s pioneering work and its impact to the whole dance film sector in Finland has been indeniable. Still through its whole history, the organization has worked with uncertain project based funding. Now Finnish dance films are touring around the world winning prizes, but at the same time we lose our national platform for this art form.

Loikka’s core persons, Hanna Pajala-Assefa and Kati Kallio, dance artist, filmmaker and the festival’s artistic director, will continue their own work with dance and film.