PRAGMA Helsinki announces its first clients


It’s been busy but exciting five months for the producers working for Dance Info Finland’s and Circus Info Finland’s development project for mediator and international operations. The Producers of the project: Sanja Kulomaa, Anni Hiekkala and Nea Granlund started working in May, published their name ‘PRAGMA Helsinki’ in August and now, in October, they are ready to announce their first clients from the Finnish dance and circus field.

PRAGMA Helsinki: Nea Granlund, Sanja Kulomaa and Anni Hiekkala ©Uupi Tirronen

The two-year development project, PRAGMA Helsinki, aims to meet the challenges of internationalization and to develop new production models to Finnish performing art field.

“The name PRAGMA comes from the services we provide for the field: PRoducer, AGent and MAnager. Pragma is an abbreviation for pragmatic, it also means a thing done, a fact as well as a model of love. That’s basically what we aim to do – to get things done with a heart full of love towards performing arts”, describes Producer Sanja Kulomaa from PRAGMA Helsinki.

Developing the ways of working together with the artists and companies

So far PRAGMA Helsinki has signed contracts with seven Finnish dance and circus companies: Agit Cirk, Cie Nuua, Hanna Brotherus Company, Kekäläinen & Company, MimoArt Company, Raekallio Corp. and Dance Theatre Auraco.

“We’ve had long discussions with each company before forming a combination of services for their specific needs. It feels great to be able to adjust the service models into action and it has made us realize how much we’ve already accomplished – of course there’s still plenty of things to be developed but there’s no doubt if the Finnish dance and circus professionals need Pragma’s services”, says Kulomaa.

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