Searching for flow – What dancing means to you. Kati Kallio’s dance films tour the world

Anni Leino, 8.11.2018

Finnish filmmaker, dancer, choreographer and the artistic director of Finnish dance film festival Loikka, Kati Kallio’s short dance film Time subjectives in objective time will be seen at Light Moves festival in Limeric, Ireland on 11th of November. In the film three people inside an old factory dance from room to room affirming moments of stagnation in endless time.

Dancers Anna Schekleina, Aleksandr Frolov, Polina Nertitsa-Pankova (Zonk’a) dance in Kallio’s film Time subjectives in objective time (2017)

During the same weekend another Kallio’s short dance film, Still life in schemes, will be seen in Nicosia, Greece, as a part of Moving Image video dance festival. Still Life in Scheme, a collaboration with the dance theatre 27/1 from Yekaterinburg, is like a moving painting where a person is trapped in the canvas.

Both of the films were filmed and premiered in 2017 in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in collaboration with National Centre of Contemporary Art (NCCA) as a part of the Finnish-Russian dance exchange program.

The films are part of Kallio’s Searching for flow dance film project that searches an answer to what dance means to the ones that dance. She has been filming in Iceland, Finland, Russia and Nicaragua with local dancers, both professionals and amateurs, in each location. The films have toured in Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Russia, Spain, Bolivia and Greece. In 2018 Cinedans festival chose Kallio’s film Time subjectives in objective time to be part of the festival’s touring program.