Statistics 2019: Dance reaches audiences of over a half a million in Finland


Finnish dance reached last year over a half a million people – in the form of performances, audience development, community dance, or dance films. Dance companies toured less abroad than before.

Finnish dance performances were attended by 406 600 spectators in total (2018: 399 000), 28 000 of them abroad (2018: 29 800). In relation to the population of Finland (5.5 million inhabitants), this is a significant amount. 112 000 people participated in audience development and community dance projects, and dance films were seen by 18 000 people around the world. 43 guest performances from abroad were shown at festivals and different venues, and they attracted 18 000 people in Finland. All in all, this means nearly 600 000 spectators for dance.

The total number of performances given by Finnish dance companies and production centres has been quite steady during several years: nearly 3 000 yearly performances. In 2019 the number was 2829.

During 2019 Finnish dance companies toured less than previously with altogether 97 performances abroad. The year is thus a record low touring year. The decreased number of visits and performances are influenced by many factors. Several countries maintain a system for travel support that provides their own groups’ international tours, which is not the case in Finland. When competing for international performances, Finnish groups are more expensive and this puts them at a disadvantage.

Activities of the international sphere have changed since the beginning of the decade and are now in favor of more collaborations and residencies. This does not reflect in the statistics as performance visits. Nevertheless, there were four Finnish dance companies that performed a lot – even much more internationally than in their home country. The major part of their audiences were abroad for Tero Saarinen Company, Susanna Leinonen Company, Alpo Aaltokoski Company and the Väkevä Collective.

The statistical information was collected from more than 140 dance groups, choreographers, regional centres, festivals, and theatres active in Finland.