Tanssin talo getting ready for the first festivals and performances


Tanssin talo, the brand new Dance House Helsinki, is preparing for the opening ceremony in February 2022. The first event open for public will be Zodiak's international Side Step Festival.

Tanssin talo opens on February 2, 2022 © Hannu Rytky

Tanssin talo opens on February 2, 2022 © Hannu Rytky

Side Step Festival, first held in 1996, has grown over the years from a small biennial event showcasing the heritage and iconic names of American postmodern dance to an internationally renowned contemporary dance festival. The festival has introduced the Helsinki audience in particular to the latest trends and central artists in European contemporary dance.

This year the programme continues to bring to Finland artists from different backgrounds, whose works both carry the culture of their own generation and update the conceptual thinking of contemporary dance on both large and small stages.

The choreographers of Side Step Festival 2022 are Cullberg / Jefta van Dinther (SE), Amala Dianor (FR), BamBam Frost (SE), Silvia Gribaudi (IT), Maija Hirvanen (FI), Johanna Nuutinen (FI), Elle Sofe Sara (NO) and Teresa Vittucci (SZ).

With the new stages of Tanssin talo, the festival has the opportunity to present these current works to even larger audiences. In 2022, as many as five works will be seen on the stages of Tanssin talo.

Side Step Festival will be held from February 12 to 20. Ice Hot Nordic Dance 2022, a professional event also taking place in Tanssin talo in February, and the Side Step Festival cooperate to present four performances in both programmes.

Tero Saarinen’s HUNT together with Johanna Nuutinen’s choreography Hz

Tero Saarinen Company’s opening season in Tanssin talo, 31.3.–9.4. consists of a new interpretation of Tero Saarinen’s solo HUNT (2002) and the premiere of Johanna Nuutinen’s choreography Hz (2022). Nuutinen’s Hz is the first piece commissioned for TSC by another choreographer.

Interpreted by five dancers, Hz (Hertz) is a deep dive into soundwaves, in which underwater sound pollution acts as a metaphor for the sensory stimuli of the modern world.

Saarinen’s HUNT was commissioned by the Venice Biennale in 2002, after which Saarinen toured with the work in a total of 32 countries until 2013. Praised by audiences and critics alike, HUNT was labelled one of the most significant contemporary reinterpretations of Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’. Now, Saarinen is passing on his demanding solo to two new dancers: Auri Ahola and Atte Kilpinen.

House Partners demonstrate the diversity of dance, circus and performing arts

Tanssin talo’s House Partners will produce diverse programmes that represent the most interesting top-artists in dance and circus. The House Partners for Tanssin talo’s programme are Cirko – Center for New Circus, the Moving in November festival, Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Tero Saarinen Company and Zodiak – Center for New Dance.

© Hannu Rytky

© Hannu Rytky

“Tanssin talo’s goal is to unite different audiences and types of dance by demonstrating the diversity of the field of dance and performance art. We are glad that with our new House Partners the audience gets to see an even more varied group of top artists from the international level of dance and circus,” says Mikael Aaltonen, Tanssin talo’s programme manager.

Cirko – Center for New Circus will produce an international visiting performance for the 700-seat Erkko Hall in autumn 2022 and, therefore, enhances Tanssin talo’s role as a culture house that presents big circus performances. The Moving in November festival, on the other hand, will invade the 235-seat Pannu Hall during their international dance group visits.

Tanssin talo will also start long-term collaboration with Helsinki Festival. Tanssin talo will be one of the main stages for the international programme at the Helsinki Festival 2022.

Tanssin talo opens on February 2, 2022. The full programme of 2022 will be released later.