The Tampere Dance Current Festival in December


The Dance Current Festival offers four dance performances and two Dance Film Screenings in Tampere, December 7–12.

[ frames ] @ Mikko Pirinen

[ frames ] @ Mikko Pirinen

Iiro Näkki’s piece [ frames ] opens the festival on Tuesday, December 7th. Merging old school mastery with next-generation flair, doesn’t let you see the full map but makes you pick your own points of interest as the situations on stage evolve from unrecognizable to recognizable. Choreographed for four dancers, this piece is a shapeshifting mass of movement created with acrobatic skill, teamwork, improvisation and heaps upon heaps of cloth.

on Thursday, the audience will see Ari Numminen’s Towards Orlando. Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, a novel about someone living for 400 years without aging and without gender restrictions, dancer-choreographer Ari Numminen and musician Tuomas Luukkonen’s Towards Orlando takes off from its literary launch pad to follow The Tiger Cub’s journey to meet The Renaissance Queen.

“My aim is to expand the themes of Herttarouva (Queen of Hearts, 1992) while I’m discovering yet another layer of my identity, a new and more sensitive side to myself as a dancing man. I’m intrigued by the feminine aspect of movement and how it reflects the moods of sensual music – and vice versa. Also, at age 61 I’m able to explore my own physicality in a way that gives me a very personal sense of the human body as it matures,” notes Ari Numminen.

Odd Meters @ Katri Naukkarinen

Odd Meters @ Katri Naukkarinen

Mikko Niemistö’s Odd Meters is a frenzied dance that bounces between rhythms in an attempt to reconstruct itself from fragments of dreams, time and the body. It works with rhythms found in the moment that overlap, argue and shake the flesh.

Odd Meters explores a human body that is alienated from itself and its environment; it is lost in obsessive dreams, adventure fantasies of the digital realm and the polyrhythmic labyrinth of an illogical relationship with nature. In this intersection the chronic insomnia of a thoroughly technologized era collides with its own impossibility.

The festival’s final piece is Helena Franzén’s Tria. After 30 years of intense work Helena Franzén returns to her dancing self in an empty space. “It`s all about facing yourself, reconsider what has been, embracing the physical experience of how to listen to your body and how to listen to the space and to the presence,” Franzén ponders.

In addition, the festival programme includes Dance Film Screening 1: Visual Choreography and Dance Film Screening 2: Emotions and Narration.

The festival is produced by Dance Theatre MD. The festival selections are made by the event’s artistic team, which consists of MD’s in-house dancer-choreographers.