Ukrainian dance group in residency in Helsinki


Dance Info Finland’s Finnish-Russian dance exchange programme turns to Ukraine. With the remaining funds, three dance artists from Ukraine were invited to a three month residency in Finland, implemented in collaboration with the Artists at Risk organization.

Ethno Contemporary Ballet © Ihor Korotych

Last spring Dance Info Finland suspended the Finnish-Russian dance exchange programme. With the remaining funds of the programme, Ukrainian and Russian artists have been offered the opportunity to come to a residency in Finland.

In October, three dance artists from Kharkiv, Ukraine arrived in Helsinki. Anastasia Mostovaya, Nina Bulgakova and Ekaterina Zhuravleva work together as a group called Ethno Contemporary Ballet.

During the first month, Mostovaya, Bulgakova and Zhuravleva have been looking for opportunities to train, perform and hold workshops in Finland. They are going to do cooperation with Alpo Aaltokoski Company, Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth and Target Helsinki, among other things. See Ethno Contemporary Ballet’s and Target Helsinki’s cooperation video here.

The group will be in Finland for at least until the end of this year. However, their wish is to stay in the country for a longer period.

In its choreographies, Ethno Contemporary Ballet explores the system of symbols, permeated with references to everyday rituals and ceremonial rites, reflecting the deep worldview of peoples, combining authentic music with modern interpretations and images.

In 2022, the group has performed in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Austria and Finland at the Full Moon Dance festival.