URB22 Festival celebrates living encounters and reunions – June 3–June 12


The programme includes international and Finnish street dance performances, movies and different participatory performances. Some of this year's performances are part of Kiasma's ARS22 Living Encounters live-programme.

URB is an annual festival for street art and culture produced by Kiasma Theatre since year 2000. This year the festival takes place from June 3 to June 12.

“URB 22 festival consists of multiple collective processes, new encounters and collaborations. I wish that finally after three years, we manage to meet face to face and participate freely without restrictions. I hope that we can make new friends, create communities and networks and share experiences by looking, listening and actively participating,” describes Sara Hirn, the creative producer of the Festival, her feelings about the programme.

Amanda Piña: Frontera I Border – a Living Monument © Patrick Van Vlerken

ARS22 X URB performances

Choreographer Amanda Piña (CHI/MEX) brings nine performers to Kiasma Theatre. Frontera I Border – a Living Monument is a performance in which hip-hop culture, colonial tales, indigenous practices and mysticism intertwine. The performance reminds us that the border is not only a place but is also inscribed in bodies.

Dafna Maimon: Orient Express Yourself © Lilith Performance Studio

Berlin based Finnish artist Dafna Maimon is giving a new form to her participatory performance Orient Express Yourself: it will appear as a food truck where the audiance can buy portion of falafels by using personal experiences of family relations or of patriarchal society as payment. The food truck will be presented in different outside venues in Helsinki. The work is inspired by Orient Express, the first kebab and falafel restaurant in Helsinki, founded by Maimon’s family in the Forum shopping centre in 1985. Orient Express Yourself was first implemented at Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö in 2017.

Kiasma Theatre presents two long-lasting performances by SERAFINE1369. I I I (something flat, something cosmic, something endless) creates a communal space where you can pursue dreams and memories and their infinite dimensions or remain in a private sphere.

24/7 art magazine booth, exhibition with side events and a short movie screening

Photobooks from Finland -collective will bring their Newspaper vending machine in front of Kiasma during the festival, so art will be available 24/7. PBFF (Photobooks from Finland) has invited five artists to create publications using the newspaper format as part of their practice. The artists are: Emilia Tanner, Felix Bardy, Hikari Nishida, Tanja Koljonen, Tatu Gustafsson. The issues can be purchased with 2e from the machine, and new edition will be changed every other day.

Kihwa-Endale Kairos x URB festival: to be in perpetual dawn © Kihwa-Endale

Kairos Helsinki will settle in Caisa’s gallery for the first three weeks of June. The exhibition Kairos X URB: to be in perpetual dawn presents exhibitions and artworks from several artists as well as different events during URB festival. The artists in the exhibition are i.a. Sophia Mitiku & Karoliina Kasurinen, Kihwa-Endale, Saban Ramadani, Landys Roimola, Melissa Linsa. On top of this, Kairos Helsinki has curated a short movie screening as the final event of the URB festival, in collaboration with Helsinki International Film Festival.

Kairos is an organization that curates events, such as workshops, poetry sessions, and experimental exhibitions. The meaning of the word kairos (n.) describes the delicate perfection of time and place that allow specific movements and words to happen.

Street dance both on stage and in cypher

A fresh lineup of top Nordic breakers bring their movement to the stage according to French choreographer Mehdi Ouachek’s vision. The piece was created during residencies in Paris and Helsinki with the Nordic Hip Hop to the Stage project, which aims to bring closer hip hop culture and the performing arts. Additionally, five of the dancers present their first solo creations that they’ve been preparing in their hometowns during the year.

Nordic Hip Hop to the Stage © Otto Björkman

The Abyss is a warm-hearted dance event and a tribute to house club culture. Come along to enjoy live-music and dancing on Thursday June 9th! The event will be judged by Junious “House” Brickhouse (USA) and the host of the evening is Ita Puusepp (EST). Live music will be performed by Sara Celaya (SWE / USA), Macoumba Ndiaye (SEN) and DJ music by Decimus (USA) and Soul Sanna.