We are now Circus & Dance Finland!


In January 2023, CircusInfo Finland and Dance Info Finland have merged their operations.

From the back left: Riitta Aittokallio, Lotta Nevalainen, Miika Sillanpää, Anita Parri, Johanna Mäkelä, Sanna Rekola, Johanna Terhemaa, Sanna Kangasluoma, Anni Leino and Emma Vainio © Alli Kangasluoma

The purpose of the merger is to create a more effective and stronger organisation capable of tackling the future challenges of an evolving field. The new association, Circus & Dance Info Finland, works to promote and raise the profile of the circus and dance sectors and develop new services for professionals of both art forms.

Dance Info Finland has been working to promote Finnish dance for more than 40 years, while CircusInfo Finland has been working with the circus sector for 16 years. The organisations’ collaborations go back years through a range of projects, so combining operations was a natural step and will offer opportunities for regeneration.

Domestic and international projects will form a large part of Circus & Dance Info’s operations. This will allow us to promote the professional operating conditions of both fields and open the door to new international opportunities.

One of the biggest endeavours involving both sectors is the performing arts showcase Performing HEL, due to be held in Helsinki in autumn 2023. Another big international cooperation project that will culminate in the spring of 2023 is Digital Leap. Both projects have received funding from the European Union.

The new organisation is located at the Helsinki Cable Factory,  and all employees have moved from previous organisations to the new one as so-called old employees. The CEO is Sanna Rekola.

During the spring of 2023, new common website will be published at circusdance.fi – Until then, the services can be found on the old websites of CircusInfo and Dance Info Finland.