Big Brothers & Sisters ed. 2

Contemporary dance

The theme of the program is artificial Intelligence and its many implications in nowadays world.

Welcome to Big Brothers & Sisters ed. 2 performances, produced by Catalysti.
The theme of the programs events is artificial Intelligence and its many implications in nowadays world.

The impact of AI and internet applications on the present society is huge, especially for the young populations. It is equally affecting the Finnish and the migrant populations. On the other hand, these tools can also represent another opportunity to meet and know each other better.

Duration of the event is about 2h.

TICKETS from Holvi & at the door!The link to the Holvi will be published soon!

10€ unemployed, students, Catalysti members /15 normal €/
20€ support ticket.


MIRROR, MIRROR SEES THEM ALL installation-performance by Nadja Pärssinen (dance and choreography), Roberto Fusco (sound, live-visuals and interactivity) and Virpi Velin (photography and choreography).

In this installation-performance the dancer and photographer move interactively in relation to time, space, audience, each other and live installation, which consists of small moving mirrors, projected images, soundscape and light.

The project is an exploration of how identity and bodily presence are negotiated and transformed through the use of technology, when transient selves are built, warped, broken and built again during digital encounters. There is an emergent codependence between people and AI based technology and we challenge the audience to think, where is identity situated, when bodily presence takes place via technology.

In a playful manner we address the question, how this addictive game of identities is played and in what ways it entangles us as part of its mechanisms, intelligence and irresistible visual enchantment.

By Jaap Klevering, Sound and performance artist.

Who is AI? What is its true identity? Does it even have an identity?
The performance will make use of Artificial Intelligence in an improvised poetry soundscape – using Google’s “Voicepad – speech to text”. This tool transfers spoken language into written text and can help audiences to easier understand the spoken language.

As it turns out, Google’s Voicepad has a mind of its own. It transfers what it hears without questioning the accuracy. The resulting written text is the sum of what was heard by the computer without questioning meaning. It’s a translator of low IQ and a retard compared to Watson. The result is humorous, confusing and questionable. If this kind of machine intelligence effects daily communication and would eventually develop free will, human creativity becomes challenged in unpredicted ways.
The performance will be in both English and Finnish.

By Uzair Amjad, media artist.

The project is concerned with reimagining human future in the age of the algorithm. Algorithmic technologies are omnipresent and omniscient much like any ancient gods. They are invisible but their political and social effects are palpable. This technology is fast absorbing humans into its ‘technical system’ and separating us from cosmic realities. In order to bridge this separation it is urgent to understand this technical system through bringing together scientific and artistic approaches.

By combining elements from algorithmic prediction, speculative fiction, image-making and performance the project manifests as a gameplay and a series of paintings. The work through facilitating play invites the audience to engage with discussions about the ecological, social and political affects of algorithm based technologies. The work encourages a deeper investigation into our techno society to envision new modes of adaptation and a new ‘political imaginary’.

Produced by Catalysti ry

With the kind support of Kone Foundation, Taike, City of Helsinki, Ministry of Education and Culture.

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Catalysti ry

(c) Virpi Velin & Roberto Fusco



Vapaan Taiteen Tila

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