Catarina Neves Ricci & group: TAKAISIN


A construction of Finnish geography and the human body is explored. With original soundtrack by Mika Vainio.

The new performance piece by Lisbon-born Catarina Neves Ricci opens in Helsinki’s Kalliosali.

TAKAISIN is a performance for two dancers + video inspired by the iconic Mika Vainio’s album Konstellaatio. Its’ structure is built in 3-Acts for stage representing a dramaturgic division of the album.
Sonically & visually, a construction of Finnish geography and the human body is explored.

TAKAISIN took Neves Ricci a few years in residence throughout Finland, and is part of the directors’ work dedicated to Finnish landscape + sound.
Displaying a hypnotic travel between the urban night and the isolation of the Finnish Arctic, the human and the natural world, spheres of light and darkness, TAKAISIN reveals the different sides and fights of the self: from birth to guilt, from pleasure to fall, to which the use of video on stage is very powerful.

The performance brings a new movement to the female body – from animal symbolism, archetypes and a dance of animacy, to the human volume, carnal quality, and the Atlantic gestures.
Hopeful, monumental, and at times, brutal, can refer to Neves Ricci’s new creation on stage.
The piece opens in Helsinki for two nights before hitting a Portuguese theatre.

creation and direction: Catarina Neves Ricci
co-choreo and performed by Karoliina Loimmala, Krista-Julia Arppo
original soundtrack: Mika Vainio
sound design: Karin Mäkiranta
video: Catarina Neves Ricci
light design: Ilmari Paaananen
graphic design/ poster: Emanuel Serôdio
with the kind support of SKR Uusimaa fund, Svenska Kulturfonden, Taike, Helsinki Cultural Funds, Tommi Grönlund / Sähkö recordings, Sirkku Rossi, Friskkis&Svettis, Vantaa Dance Studios, AARK, Kemijärvi Art Residency, Porvoo Art Factory, and many more.

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photo: Catarina Neves Ricci; graphic design: Emanuel Serôdio




Pengerkatu 11, 00530 Helsinki, Helsinki