COMMUNITY DANCE FESTIVAL – Creative Together: Häivähdyksiä muusta – Solo performance (demo version) and Discussion

Community Dance|Contemporary dance

Pia Lindy’s and Tuula Sarivaara’s collaborative work Häivähdyksiä muusta and post-performance discussion will happen on the Zoom platform as part of Community Dance Festival.

This solo work has been created as a collaboration between Pia and Tuula. The work is inspired by Eeva-Liisa Manner’s poetry. The creative process of the performance has taken a form of a dialogue. It stems from the individual, lived experiences, writing and multi-sensory explorations of movement.

In the performance, the layers of gestures, movements and postures of one’s own lived life and personal history. How do we— as humans—face sensitivity, maturity, strength, or incompleteness; familiar and unknown in the current time?
How could all of this articulate into a jointly created performance, into a solo performance for Tuula? And how could this be shared with the audience?

Pia and Tuula worked together for the first time when Tuula participated in Pia’s open dance workshops in Kontula in 2014. Tuula was one of the residents of the area who participated in the Duets About Caring project. She performed in one of four duets. In the duets, alongside the professional dancers, danced and performed people for whom contemporary dance was a relatively new thing.

Idea & choreography: Pia Lindy
Choreography & dance: Tuula Sarivaara
Joining the discussion after the demo-performance: Pie Kär
Music: Minna Viljamaa: Miss Marple’s tango, Olli Haavisto: Sliderture, J.J. Cale: Call me the Breeze

Language and accessibility:
The performance and discussion are in Finnish.
A subtitled recording of the performance and discussion will be online for two weeks. The link will be added here.

Monday, 7th June 2021 at 6:00 PM, on the Zoom platform. The link will be added here.

The event is free of charge.
In collaboration with Mad House Helsinki.

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Tuula leans against the wall with face down, eyes closed and hands making a fist. Tuula is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and has blonde and slightly grayed hair in a bun. Behind Tuula, on the wall, there is a reflection of her shadow.



Zoom platform

, Helsinki


6:00 PM