DANCE ALL YEAR LONG | Alessandra Corti

Contemporary dance

12 locations, 12 projects in Kokkola 2020

DANCE ALL YEAR LONG is a 12-month residency program that travels to different cities and invites local and international dance artists for two week long residencies. At the end of the residencies the artists share their projects to the local community, free of charge.

Free entrance to all of the events.


The meaning of the Italian word coccola is something like to cuddle, to pet or to pamper.
It is a tender physical contact mostly exchanged between the mother and her children.

When dance artist Alessandra Corti (IT/DE) starts to work on a new projects she likes to start from different points that apparently have nothing in common. From there she starts to sew the storylines together.

Because of current traveling restriction due to the pandemic, Alessandra will carry out her DANCE ALL YEAR LONG KOKKOLA residency period distantly from her hometown Mainz in Germany. Her project still keeps a bridge of collaboration to the city of Kokkola. This puts an emphasis on the theme of cuddle, as Alessandra’s collaborator in distance is one of the elderly dancers from Kokkolan Jymy’s Sunday-group.

The points of departure in the project COCCOLA are: the word coccola and the relation between two women that communicate with each other in distance.

The work, now realised in the means of dance video, explores the relation between two women and two different generations. What links these two persons? Are they mother and daughter? Sisters? Friends? Strangers? What connects these two persons? Only the space and the moment? Or more?

In her pieces Alessandra Corti likes to work with stories that touch personally the interpreter, she likes to stay on this fine line between private and fiction.

Friday 18.9. at 6 pm

Screening of dance video
Free entrance
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Artist talk after the screening, via internet communication

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