DANCE ALL YEAR LONG | Anders Lillhonga

Contemporary dance

DANCE ALL YEAR LONG. 12 venues, 12 projects in Kokkola 2020

DANCE ALL YEAR LONG is a 12-month residency program that travels to different cities and invites local and international dance artists for two week long residencies. At the end of the residencies the artists share their projects to the local community, free of charge.

Either put on these glasses..or start eating that trash can (working title)

Dance artists Matti Haaponiemi and Anders Lillhonga present a work that is a multidimensional, improvisatory deep dive into the common pool of dance and combat skills, and from this pool only one rises as a winner!… or rises one?

The work combines in a fresh and surprising way the following elements: action movie heros from childhood, pop-culture, computer games, and the mysticism, aesthetics and pseudo-science of martial arts.

Kokkola Martial Arts Center
Performance on the International Dance Day Wed 29.4. at 6 pm
Artis talk after performance

Choreography and dance: Anders Lillhonga ja Matti Haaponiemi

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Kokkola Martial Arts Center

Asentajantie 13 67600 , Kokkola