DANCE ALL YEAR LONG | Hanna Korhonen

Contemporary dance

DANCE ALL YEAR LONG. 12 venues, 12 projects in Kokkola 2020

DANCE ALL YEAR LONG is a 12-month residency program that travels to different cities and invites local and international dance artists for two week long residencies. At the end of the residencies the artists share their projects to the local community, free of charge.


The Kalliosta performance combines music, sound art and modern dance. The performance is an intimate and meditative collaboration between the two artists. It is a dive into the world of natural powers and peace. Exploring the sensitivities and wildnesses of these two. Movements and shapes of nature, changes of rhythm, organicity of life and how humans affect these are present in this performance both visually as well as emotionally.

The performance moves through the island of Tankar all the way to its unique natural lighthouse. The audience is invited on an experience to relax, calm down, sense and recharge. The sounds and movements of the performance will tie the audience to be part of it. The performance is both an experience and a presentation.

the Island of Tankar, Kokkolan Matkailu Oy
Sat 20.6. at 2 pm
Artist talk after the performance

Choreography and dance: Hanna Korhonen
Composition and music: Niina Hannula

In cooperation with:


Tomi Lähdesmäki



Tankkarin Saari

, Kokkola