DANCE ALL YEAR LONG / Kati Raatikainen

Contemporary dance

DANCE ALL YEAR LONG. 12 venues, 12 projects in Kokkola 2020

DANCE ALL YEAR LONG is a 12-month residency program that travels to different cities and invites local and international dance artists for two week long residencies. At the end of the residencies the artists share their projects to the local community, free of charge.

Untitled encounters (working title)

In her solo work Kati Raatikainen researches how to build a ‘space for encounter’ that calls for participation of the audience through a choreography of experience.

Raatikainen will position herself as a co-mover, to be touched, seen and heard, sensed in every way and from different distances. She researches a way to perform as a fore-experiencer, as a guide.

From the beginning on, the visitors of the gallery Taide Vionoja are part of the making of the choreography and as such the process is shared and co-lived. In the midst of the practice Raatikainen will discuss with the viewers about their experiences.

Sat 11.7. at 2 pm

Free entrance
Taide Vionoja, Ullava (Kokkola)

Artist talk after the performance

Choreography and dance: Kati Raatikainen

In collaboration with: Taide Vionoja,

Limited seats available. Sign up as audience member by email:

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