Dance Theatre MD: A Giant Leap

Dance Theatre|Contemporary dance|Young audiences

Co-production of Teatteri Siperia and Dance Theatre MD. Premiere 23.3.2019.

A co-production of Teatteri Siperia and MD, A Giant Leap examines our dreams and life changes. Moving between different realities, this three-part stage production ponders the questions of how to put your wishes into words and how to reach your goals. Can we make it to the end of the leap? What’s on the other side? Can we bridge the gap between age groups with empathy?

A Giant Leap is a multidisciplinary collaboration, and also an exploration for its makers, professionals experiencing their middle age. It is designed to provoke thought, not to teach. The leap’s final destination is set by a group of youths, the experts of our future.

“What is the next giant leap for mankind? Could it be a movement towards a dialogical, global democracy? Young people see it more clearly, but how could we, as adults, understand them better?” –Director Piia Peltola

Direction Piia Peltola
Writing Piia Peltola, Marika Heiskanen, Tuukka Huttunen and Samuli Roininen
Choreography Samuli Roininen
Performers Marika Heiskanen, Tuukka Huttunen and Riikka Papunen (Teatteri Siperia), Suvi Eloranta and Anniina Kumpuniemi (MD) and Miro Puranen (guest performer)
Light design Sari Mayer
Sound design Tony Sikström
In collaboration Tampereen Lyseon lukio
Production Tanssiteatteri MD and Teatteri Siperia

A Giant Leap

Petri Kovalainen Mika Suikkanen


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Tanssiteatteri MD, Hällä-näyttämö

Hämeenkatu 25, Tampere


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