Emma Fält, Inka-Leea Haatainen & Roberto Fusco: Shifting Sands

Contemporary dance

Shifting Sands is a multiart poem and an autopsy. It is a homage for all the bodies, their vagueness, beauty and ever changing nature.

Shifting Sands is a multiart poem and an autopsy.
It is a homage for all the bodies, their vagueness, beauty and ever changing nature.

This is a body that is moving alone, across the dried seafloor
considered inanimate
I did not understand it
as a body
but merely as an object


multiple bodies
so little
it is difficult to see them as one
Rather, they form complex entities
And we keep on staring the


A heap
a body on the table is open
calculated and measured parts
Now, do understand and explain it


Some of them
moving in like waves
some frozen traces
that changed
over millions of years
Communicate through


This body
its limitations
Give chance
to receive


Becoming new
in all its vagueness with all its ever changing purposes


Artists: Emma Fält, Inka Haatainen and Roberto Fusco
Photo: Pekka Mäkinen

Emma Fält is a Finnish artist working in the field of drawing, performance art and live art. Her main interests are in workshops as live acts, contact, listening and togetherness. Her work takes a comprehensive look at the act of drawing as a means to make contact and collaboratively explore our experience of the world.

Roberto Fusco works with time-based digital and physical media in installation and live performance. He is interested in the way digital technology shapes our experience of the physical world by the way it allows us to capture, reconstruct and simulate it.

Inka-Leea Haatainen is a contemporary dancer whose interests are in improvisation and floor techniques. Her practice is influenced by other forms of performing arts. Communal and multi-artistic methods as a starting point inspire her.

Fält-Fusco collaboration started in 2017 through conversations between ink-based and digital drawing, where they concentrate through improvisation and scores on each other’s action, gesture and energy in the trace. Beyond the different approaches and media they individually employ, Fält and Fusco are developing a common language grounded in the materiality of the dialogue between sonic and visual expression. Fält and Haatainen have worked together since 2018 using contact improvisation, floor technique and traditional drawing techniques for their experiments in nonverbal communication and exploring in visualizing the gesture.

Emma Fält, Inka-Leea Haatainen ja Roberto Fusco: Shifting Sands
Sat 20.3.2021 at 7pm
Savontie 13, Kulttuurikeskus Poleeni, Pieksämäki

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Savontie 13, Pieksämäki