Favela Vera Ortiz: Horizōn Invisibilis

Contemporary dance

Homo Sapiens having a monologue on a golden space blanket

Choreography & Scenography & Costume Favela Vera Ortiz

Dance Elina Valtonen

Sound Agathe Simon

Free entrance

It is like a poem of body of us, them, horizons and hope.

It is like a map with links of visible / invisible alive / dying species which are currently threatened with extinction / Species which have already extinct

On the stage is one dancer, in her movement you can see Homo Sapiens having a discussion with animals, all of them, the living and the dead. It is an homage for those who have vanished in the horizon and a wish for changing the horizons. One inspiration to create this work was the exhibition Inherit the Dust with the photos and documentary film by Nick Brandt.

The sound world Antarctica is made by the French artist Agathe Simon

Photo by Niilas Nordenswan

Thanks to Kone Foundation, Vantaa Dance Institute, Kanneltalo gallery and the exhibition Ilmastokanava-Retrospektiivi.

The premiere was 9.11.2019 at Kanneltalo Gallery

Niilas Nordenswan



Institut français de Finlande

Yrjönkatu 36, Helsinki