Finnish National Ballet: Flock & Golden (stream)

Contemporary dance

The young talent of the Finnish National Ballet takes over the stage. The free event comprises two world premieres.

Most of the dancers are members of the FNB Youth Company, who have started their professional dancing careers in the past few years.

World Premieres filmed in the Alexander Theatre in Helsinki will be online on Stage24 in 6th May 2021.
Available worldwide until 5 November 2021.

Imagine: you enter a place with an extraordinarily high ceiling. This architecture evokes a feeling in you, a sense of a higher force; around you there are thirty other believers, walking in circles while breathing and making rhythm. In such a ritual, you soon start to feel the connection with your surroundings and a higher power. I was in exactly the same situation a few years ago, and it took my interest immediately.
I started to question the situation – am I really connected or is it just a delusion?
In our new creation Golden, I will be showing you that question from a different perspective.

– Emrecan Tanıs, choreographer

Turkish-born Emrecan Tanıs has created a variety of contemporary dance choreographies, which have been performed in Finland and at international dance festivals in Germany, Britain and Brazil. To date, the Finnish National Ballet Youth Company has performed Tanıs’s choreographies Corridors, The deep dark white and Sand. This year he presents another brand new choreography Golden for the Next Steps evening.

Watch Golden:

Another of the evening’s contemporary dance works is Javier Torres’s brand new choreography Flock. Originally from Mexico, Torres previously worked as a dancer at the Finnish National Ballet. During his choreographer career, Torres has created more than 20 works, including the full-length ballets Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast for the Finnish National Ballet.

Watch Flock:

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Roosa Oksaharju / Finnish National Opera and Ballet



Alexander Theatre / online

, Helsinki