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MDD: Tragedia 2.0

Tragedia 2.0 is MDD’s first full-length piece. After being silent for a year, MDD is back with fresh ideas.

Tragedia 2.0 delves into a friendship at its breaking point and the selfishness within it. It explores the following questions: what happens to a friendship when they split and people’s paths don’t cross anymore like they used to? What kind of weight can a person that is drowning in selfishness bring onto the people around them? Who can ground them, and is it even worthwhile?

The piece is strongly influenced by street dance styles but also has many elements from modern dance styles.

MDD – Men Don’t Dance is a dance group of three young men from Oulu.

MDD performed their first piece in the auditions of The Finnish Got Talent Season 2020. The group made it to the top 4 in the finals. Later they have performed in many different events and occasions around Finland. MDD focuses on Hip Hop and other street dance styles, but they also take influence from many different styles of dancing. Creativity and finding new ways of expression are the most important things, when creating the groups pieces. The members of MDD are: Sampo Stevenson, Olli Sukuvaara and Leo Sukuvaara.

Choreography, directing and dance: Sampo Stevenson, Leo Sukuvaara, Olli Sukuvaara

Duration: 25 min.
Age Recom.: 12+
Tickets: 20€ (also include Uumen)

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