Helsinki Ballet Festival | Sergey Djagilev Art Center (St. Petersburg) |The Spectacular world of Anna Pavlova


The show consists life, dance and personall life of Anna Pavlova and is performed by brilliant ballet soloists, narrator and musicians fro m Mariinski theatre St. Petersburg.

The Spectacular World of Anna Pavlova

Sergei Djagilev Art Centre is proud to present their unique and fascinating performance “The Spectacular World of Anna Pavlova”, dedicated to the brilliant ballerina of the XX century, who performed on her first world tour on 1912 at Alexander´s theatre. The ballet is performed by ballet soloists from Mariinski and Mihailovski theatres from Saint Petersburg . The ballet includes a one-act ballet “The Spirit of the Rose” and classic pieces from Pavlova’s personal repertoire; “Night”, “Rondino”, “Gavotte” , “Russian dance”, “The Dragonfly”, “Californian poppy” and “The Dying Swan” and “Don Quoijote” with many other world famous routines as well as some that are practically unknown.

The programme is accompanied by rare photographs and footage featuring the prima onstage, in her dressing room and at home.  The narrator will talk about her remarkable life and contributions to ballet, the phenomenon of her deeply devoted fans. Operasoloist, pianist and violinist from Mariinski theatre and will fullfil the enjoyment of the high level of performance art.

The legends and myths of this great woman’s life and the story of her creative career as a dancer and choreographer have been blended into a single unbroken performance that has enchanted audiences around the world.


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