Karolina Ginman & working group: A Human Ensemble

Contemporary dance

A Human Ensemble is nine simultaneous solos and a weave of psychocorporeal formulations that emerge from the group’s collective preconscious.

Nine performers of various ages and professional backgrounds (dance, performance, fine art, medicine etc.) engage in a corporeal reformulation of free association, a precisely articulated stream of corpoconsciousness in a state of deep sensual commitment while constantly letting go. In the austere spaciousness of the Maneesi hall, embraced in nuances of warm ochre, through their bodies and their being (in relation) these human beings formulate a scenic suggestion of flavours, depths, lightnesses, roughnesses, delicacies, darkness and humour beyond the borders of reason. Sometimes unveiling, sometimes concealing, they tempt movement to rise from different layers of the body-psyche, and dance with their whole self, together.

With it’s unruly musical field, a nostalgic dive into classical choir works as well as 60’s pop-rock and garage, A Human Ensemble unfolds as a wild web of reciprocities inviting and allowing a range of diverging and merging landscapes, intensities and energies into frictuous and comforting coexistence.

The work is based on choreographer Karolina Ginman’s developing psychopshysical practice, a suggestion for a reformulation of free association for the poetic body, tempting an infinite spectrum of (psycho)dynamics, intensities, volumes, tempos and affects to be lived-through by both dancer and audience.

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