Kielo Dance Company: HUMAN2020

Ballet|Contemporary dance

Debut of Kielo Dance Company. The triple bill evening presents show-stopping contemporary dance and classical ballet works by Kristina Norri-Seuranen, Katerina Torp and Maria Beseghi.

Plenary session of the parliament:
A question regarding the gender equality
Agreement on the actions against contemporary discrimination and social exclusion
Addressment of the issue of the lowering state of the national health due to growing time spent on digital gadgets.
All these contemporary issues deliberated in respectful and peaceful cooperation.
Welcome to the Human2020 performance.


The new triplebill premiere of Kielo Dance Company is a deep dive into the modern society. Contemporary dance pieces by Kristina Norri Seuranen and Katerina Torp, accompanied with Maria Beseghi’s neonclassical ballet piece, bring together an extraordinary evening that has not yet been seen on the Finnish dance field.

Maria Beseghi’s One step from freedom reminds us of the importance of art. In a constantly polarizing society, social media steals more and more focus from work, family and friends. Could art offer a possibility to stop for a moment, to relax and to feel connected to one another.

Kristina Norri Seuranen’s (IN)SANITY questions the concept of normality. To be socially accepted as normal, do we have to wear similar clothes, walk in a similar way and to feel uncomfortable in a small elevator the same way as the majority? And what happens if one breaks the rules of normality?

Katerina Torp’s Mona Lisa is a study of gender. The world-famous painting has often been speculated to be a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci himself. And why not? Gender is not only a biological concept. It is much more than that.

Iina Suomalainen, Laura Kaljunen, Nasa Abibo Baptista Baldé, Mathilda Vesa, Maria Beseghi, Katerina Torp, Aino Louhivaara, Eerika Kraft

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Klaneettitie 5, Helsinki