Kinetic Orchestra: MOSTLY MASS

Contemporary dance|Premiere

Mostly Mass is a corporeal poem – a performance that gives itself over to bodily instincts and wildness.

Mostly Mass is a rippling world of bodily joy, drift, and noise in which collective movement, touch, sweat and rhythm overcome the illusion of rationality and productivity. What if suddenly just dancing together made sense?

In Mostly Mass, we look at the body as a constantly reorganizing body of mass, organic and social, bursting with possibilities. Inspiration is found in the words of poet Tiina Lehikoinen: “We need to give up thinking of thinking, open our lungs towards the wonder of being here, the nectar of life.” Through sweat, repetition, fumbling, sensitivity, and harshness, we seek to find a way back to corporality.

Mostly Mass is a new dance work by Sanni Giordani and their working group for Kinetic Orchestra. The dancers of Kinetic Orchestra have worked together for a long time, researching partnering techniques, touch, and acrobatic movement.

Duration: approx. 1 h

Choreography: Sanni Giordani & the working group

Performers: Sanni Giordani, Mia Jaatinen, Anni Koskinen, Kalle Lähde, Oskari Turpeinen

Sound Design: Josu Mämmi

Light Design: Veli-Ville Sivén

Production: Kinetic Orchestra, Sanni Giordani

Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Tero Saarinen Company, Zodiak

Kinetic Orchestra / Mostly Mass

Stoa cultural centre

Jussi Ulkuniemi


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Stoa Cultural Centre

Turunlinnantie 1 Itäkeskus, East, Helsinki