Lindon Shimizu: Birongitai (ビロンギタイ)

Contemporary dance

Birongitai (ビロンギタイ) is about transmission of grounding and belonging.

Birongitai (ビロンギタイ) is about transmission of grounding and belonging. It moves on a shaking land, where a tremor dance decolonizes a current structure. As being on an earthquake in which the vibration connects to the fluids and it invites the space to a regrownding movement. From a place that searches for ways of moving power between diverse textures, a japanese brazilian immigrant is directing a native Finnish dancer into a shivering environment. You know, it’s this kind of party you get yourself moved from where you are.

Choreography: Lindon Shimizu
Performer: Tuija Lappalainen
Scenography: Tuomas Hämärä
Production: Itä-Suomen tanssin aluekeskus, working group
Picture: Pasi Räsämäki

Lindon Shimizu, a japanese brazilian born in Porto Alegre, Brazil and raised in Japan, currently based in Joensuu, Finland. He works as a dance artist in theatre, dance and video field and as somatic movement educator. He holds a theatre license degree from UERGS, Brazil. He has worked for many years with the Brazilian dance director Dani Lima, being part of research projects with dance pieces as “100 gesture” and “little collection of everything” presented around Brazil and Japan between 2011 to 2016. He is interested in the dialogue of an ethical-aesthetical-political-body as a strategy of being and creating, playing between liquids and membrane, contents and container, creating in between. He is interested in what he refers to as a “migratory body”, a perspective of creating from the place of an immigrant artist.

Tuija Lappalainen is a dancer and theatre worker born and raised in Finland who works as a multidisciplinary dancer, actress and choreographer for dance art and theatre. Lappalainen’s works have been presented as part of the programme of TEHDAS and the Sanskar International Virtual Performance Festival, and her upcoming performance HUM is part of the production of Barker Theatre. Lappalainen has studied in Finland and Germany developing a choreographic practice that explores the performer’s perception, experience, and freedom. Through her multidisciplinary background, Lappalainen’s work in theatre highlights dialogue between different forms of performance and work, moving across the interfaces of the fields of art as well as an interest in the holistic corporeality of the process of contemporary performance.

Lindon Shimizu: Birongitai (ビロンギタイ)
Thursday 25.3.2021 at 7pm
Friday 26.3.2021 at 7pm
Saturday 27.3.2021 at 7pm
ITAK stage, Suokatu 42/2, Kuopio

Pasi Räsämäki


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ITAK stage

Suokatu 42/2, Kuopio