Lonely in the Rain | Mari Kortelainen & Kalle Pulkkinen: Muteco

Young audiences|Contemporary dance

Muteco is a tragic-comedic performance which combines modern dance and clowning, and deals with the difficulties of creating lyrics and the experience of muteness in physical play.

The performance tells about the lack of communication; misunderstandings and well-intentioned efforts for interaction criss-cross in this duet. In bodily dialogue, the gushes of movements and physical accuracy stumble upon the clumsiness of communication. The performance was born out of the collective interest of the authors in adapting the fine-tuned comedy of clowning to the physicality of contemporary dance.

Taina Mäki-Iso, the theatre director, teacher and clown (Master of Arts) directs the Muteco performance. Mäki-Iso is a director and teacher specialising in physical theatre and clowning. Performing in this act are Mari Kortelainen and Kalle Pulkkinen, who work as dance choreographers and dance instructors in eastern Finland.

The scenography of the performance is executed by the artistic stage director (Master of Arts) Jonna Kuittinen. Werne Tanskanen is responsible for lighting.

Duration: 40 min
Picture: Pasi Räsämäki

Tickets 15/10/10 €
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Muteco is part of Lonely in the Rain -contemporary dance festival at Joensuu on the 28 the of November to the 30th of November.
The festival is produced by The Regional Dance Center Of Eastern Finland.
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