Map of The Unknown Land

Dance Theatre|Contemporary dance|Young audiences

Performance where young people explore concepts of identity and belonging to a place

Dance theatre piece about identity, communication and belonging to a place. It is a reflection of the modern world where people want to be heard and accepted as they are. This work was created in cooperation between professional artists and young people from different cultural backgrounds.

Who are they? Where are they coming from and going to? What are their dreams and fears? How do they talk and what kind of a life do they want? Are they a tribe, or a bouquet of rare flowers? Can we get to know them better?

Concept, direction: Vera Lapitskaya
Sound design: Natalia Kochelenko
Dance, text, voice: Aida Tervo, Arina Laubert, Charalambos Gardias,
Isabella Mansnérus, Marija Ribakova, Melanie Rose, Penelope Gardias, Veronika Yakushevich
Video: Vera Lapitskaya
Production: NotaBene art group, supported by Cultura foundation

Age recommendation 12+
Duration approx. 45 min
Free submission

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