Moving in November | Meg Stuart & Doug Weiss: All the Way Around


In an intimate concert setting, choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart meets jazz musician Doug Weiss. Together, they go on an uncharted journey into movement and sound.

All the Way Around takes the ballad, a song of longing and defiance, and breaks it down into small but meaningful gestures. Tracing and unfurling spirals of memory, All the way around opens a door to return our collective experience to the level of the personal. Taking
a deep dive into what was, riding the waves between the almost remembered and the unknown.

All the Way Around is a concept by Meg Stuart and Doug Weiss, performed in different contexts
and settings all over the world, together with guest performers or as a candid duet.

The performance is part of Moving in November festival 3.-13.11.2022. As part of the festival, there will be an open discussion with the invited artist and local host called Soup Talk on the 5th of November at noon in Caisa.

Duration 60 mins

Tickets 30/15 €
Festival pass 48 €

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Kiasma Theatre

Mannerheiminaukio 2, 0010 Helsinki, Helsinki